I'm sorry, I've had enough
M. D. P.
M. D. P. Vor 23 Stunden
what kind of "weak" are you that you have to make fun of shit made 20years ago? no wonder wifeysauce left you.
Matthew Kefford
Matthew Kefford Vor 23 Stunden
Fast forward 8 months and it’s Opposite Day, the 10400 is £157 and the 3600 is £194 so the Intel is cheaper and better for gaming and produces less heat 😱
CivMicheals Vor 23 Stunden
Id rather use honey and not somthing i heard of, just personal
B Wooty
B Wooty Vor 23 Stunden
Set to pcie 3 instead of 4 it could be riser cable.
Brandon Hambright
Brandon Hambright Vor 23 Stunden
JEEEEZ that's an amazingly beautiful build!
Bad Dog
Bad Dog Vor 23 Stunden
MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS -Live in the U.S. CHECK -Be at least 18 years old. CHECK -Have a sufficient internet connection to download large files in a timely manner. CHECK -Have ADVANCED experience in ADOBE PREMIERE PRO. NOPE -Be capable of adhering to strict guidelines and deadlines. CHECK -Be an excellent communicator. NOPE BONUS QUALIFIERS -Have a well-versed knowledge of tech, specifically DIY PC knowledge KINDA -Be proficient in Adobe Photoshop NOPE -Be proficient in Adobe After Effects NOPE -Have experience editing for other DEpostrs NOPE -Have your own equipment for editing NOPE DAMN.... almost had it
Godlike Vor 23 Stunden
220$? Your better off going to microcenter and they will build ur whole pc for 100$ kinda sad
Blazeco Vor 23 Stunden
I've made some pro gamer montages, so when can I start working?
Ruby Animates
Ruby Animates Vor 23 Stunden
3:25 foreshadowing
Luh Vera
Luh Vera Vor 23 Stunden
Jesus just build it stop talkingggg
Tbfitb33 Vor 23 Stunden
Torte l
Torte l Vor 23 Stunden
oof that sucks i hope he finds it before u have to build him another one
SVL6_WayneP P44
SVL6_WayneP P44 Vor 23 Stunden
Got a black dynamic case , gonna do a all white guts
Dank Dread
Dank Dread Vor 23 Stunden
Bruh I have that
Anira Serinn
Anira Serinn Vor 23 Stunden
Try changing the Riser Card/Cable in the Vertical Mount for the system. I have the same Thermaltake Case (Well the P7 to be exact) and the thermaltake Riser Cable the came with mine was defective. I would have the same iasue you are having with no video output no matter what card i connected to that Riser Card/Cable. I Ended up having to get an aftermarket one from someone else in order to get any gpu to work in the Vertical Mount.
Thomas Chiodini
Thomas Chiodini Vor Tag
Bad riser cable?
tntneon Vor Tag
Its the rizen cable. trust me. my amd 6800 xfx did the samething. you will need the gen 4 rizen cable. when i took it off the vertical mount and mount it the regular way it worked fine. be blessed
Singing For you
Singing For you Vor Tag
Please can I have one my pc can’t play games so I would like to give it to my cousin for school work 🥺😭😭🥺
Evan Lapan
Evan Lapan Vor Tag
You need Lyle to take a look at it
Death Vor Tag
More rgb=more frames
Marin Erceg
Marin Erceg Vor Tag
X370 tachi - kung-fu moments
Legend Vor Tag
Can you make me a free gaming PC, please?
Legend Vor Tag
Can you make me free gaming PC
Karga Bir
Karga Bir Vor Tag
I play new Vegas at full settings and I am happy. It works
Ericberto Lopez
Ericberto Lopez Vor Tag
Sad 2:25 Wifeysauce=Gold Digger He knew way back then XD
Abomby10 Vor Tag
Bitwit:So the gtx 1050 just kidding Me: *uses that*
Silas Stadler
Silas Stadler Vor Tag
Yo boi what gpu should i use for ryzen 7 3700x? For now as a update you know...
RidiPwn Vor Tag
If you get to a point that you can hire a full time editor, you have made it
Creative Space
Creative Space Vor Tag
What the kept the 1 stick of ram?
Zion XIII Vor Tag
sony vegas gang rise up
Kareem Gabareen Mokhtar
Kareem Gabareen Mokhtar Vor Tag
I'm going to go pick this up from Micro Cen... oh wait, nevermind. It's 500km away.
Ionut Geanta
Ionut Geanta Vor Tag
saved as a reference of looks for my next (and first) custom watercooled build. this looks amazing!
Alexis Vicencio
Alexis Vicencio Vor Tag
Bro, eat a sandwish, you are too skinny.. i love you.
Russell Watson
Russell Watson Vor Tag
This happened to me and it was the core p3s stock riser using my older GPU and switching to pci3 worked so it was the riser not being able to handle pcie4
Russell Watson
Russell Watson Vor Tag
Jay had a vid with that riser being a issue too in fact many core p3 builder know its not a great cable. I eventually went to a gen 4 riser and all is well with my red devil and 5900 in a core p3 case.
Tank Connors
Tank Connors Vor Tag
lol..hes so nice..I would love to see him grill peoples builds with his Asian accent lol
Crazy_Lew 90
Crazy_Lew 90 Vor Tag
I bet someone wants to buy a ryzen cou and gets notified on this video how to build your pc 😂😂😂
Joshua Mercadel
Joshua Mercadel Vor Tag
I am from the future and you still can't buy either. If you can it is double the MSRP. RIP all of us
Carlos Iraheta
Carlos Iraheta Vor Tag
Does anyone know the song in the intro
Cyber Kitten
Cyber Kitten Vor Tag
The thermal paste in the thumbnail tho
Doctor Rag3
Doctor Rag3 Vor Tag
Oh that old-school porn music
JJScene Vor Tag
Im just watching this because I've been sitting with my case that only has a psu and hard drive trying to make the cable management as neat as possible. I remember when this was all new to me. Truly isn't hard now. So for those who are nervous, don't be. Read the manuals and you'll be okay.
William Hutchison
William Hutchison Vor Tag
It would be really cool and just make the whole build look a tiny bit nicer if you could find a longer version of that reservoir tube to fill up the space above it. Beautiful build, shame it isn't working.
Luca Caruso
Luca Caruso Vor Tag
" Hey guys today I just finished my Personal PC" (Personal Personal Computer)
khalil bastour
khalil bastour Vor Tag
lol that comment with ^give a free pc^
AnderzonTek Vor Tag
I got a 3070 I’ll sell it once this is available everywhere idk maybe by the end of 2022 😂
Andrew F.
Andrew F. Vor Tag
I can't tell my parents I need better PC stuff because my dad has been in the pc scene for 20 years :/
Abir Mahmud Dipto
Abir Mahmud Dipto Vor Tag
Dang it, not an US citizen.
Daniel Pirkl
Daniel Pirkl Vor Tag
my guess is the rieser
Selwrynn Vor Tag
I don't meet these requirements and won't try to apply but I can confirm that video editing is incredibly time consuming.
dragunslayz Vor Tag
I love kirino
Dietys Flight
Dietys Flight Vor Tag
Those cards have been having problems, I would suggest getting another card.
ZEUS Gaming
ZEUS Gaming Vor Tag
As someone with a vertically mounted PCIe Gen 4 graphics card in a PCIe Gen 4 system, your problem is DEFINITELY the riser cable. The riser cables currently out there do not support PCIe Gen 4 which is why your 6900XT with the X570 is not giving a video signal. The other card I'm assuming is PCIe Gen 3 that is why you got a signal immediately because the riser does support PCIe Gen 3. Also, when you booted the system with the 6900XT without vertical mounting it booted because it was directly installed in the motherboard (I'm guessing) so it defaulted to PCIe Gen 4. You need to plug the 6900XT directly into the motherboard without the riser, go into the BIOS and force PCIe Gen 3 and then put the riser back in there. That will work.
angoncy Vor Tag
i was going to try the application, then the requirements came up, im from the uk and im 14 lmao 🙄🙄
Drake Harden
Drake Harden Vor Tag
That's a nasty blues guitar🤘🏼
yambo59 Vor Tag
The ABS might be a bit faster, but for -- how -- long, as Captain Kirk used to say. lol
Dor Hivert
Dor Hivert Vor Tag
Water leak at 4:46
psychorabbitt Vor Tag
"Let's talk about the bad stuff - where do I begin?" *goes immediately into Corsair ad* Umm... maybe think about that placement there, Kyle...
yambo59 Vor Tag
Yaahhh-Raidmax, nooo-!! The case should come with a built in fire extinguisher-! A Raidmax power supply is only good for one thing, starting remote bonfires.
Magee Aaron
Magee Aaron Vor Tag
vasco valente
vasco valente Vor Tag
Why is he speaking like that?
Deyxl Vor Tag
i came for video about buying parts at best buy and i got a video about mikes hoby of making ice
Kappa Vor Tag
bruh this is the biggest click bait to ever exist
beastboydaksh Vor Tag
When you keep studying theory and skipping practicals:
Kernelpickle Vor Tag
It’s certainly assembled, but I wouldn’t say it’s finished! 😉 Looks good though, I like those open air cases. If I had to place a bet on what I think the issue is, I would put it all on the riser card. From what I’ve seen on a number of channels, is that most riser cards just don’t seem to be very well made, and even fewer support PCIe 4.0. So that seems like the place to start and work your away out from there. Your current issue is one of the reasons why I’ve never done a custom water loop in any of my PC builds. (The others being cost, and hassle of maintenance.) If I ever do go with a custom water loop, I don’t know if I would even bother with hard line tubing-but if I did, I’d probably get it running on air (if possible) or test it with some cheap flex tubing before finalizing everything with hard tubing.
matthew blyther
matthew blyther Vor Tag
so basically 100$ and u only get to see 1\4 of the rgb lol. the rgb does look cool but way to exspensive for what u get imo
Albert Luna
Albert Luna Vor Tag
Your cpu is not connected to power
mynameisray Vor Tag
I don't know which is more stupid, your PC, or your haircut..
Noah Barrett
Noah Barrett Vor Tag
the p in pc already stands for personal.
While all parts are sold out and people scalping the f- out of these cards meanwhile people are building $8000+ PCs.... top that $10000 just because we watch their videos.
Saplingseedsac Crew
Saplingseedsac Crew Vor Tag
I got my power spec from microcenter 750 watt 80+ bronze for 30 bucks used
Dr Smugface
Dr Smugface Vor Tag
i had the same problem with my GPU and my core p3 ... its the damn riser cable .. the TT sucks
Dr Smugface
Dr Smugface Vor Tag
riser cable to 90% had the same problem
Pc Service
Pc Service Vor Tag
Bitwit : reacting to the dirtiest pc on the internet. And he knows is the dirtiest... Me : go out to the garden pick up an old pc and throw it to the junkyard and leave it 1 year there and come back and put it to the internet. The dirtiest pc in the hole world.
Rel ixo
Rel ixo Vor Tag
nothing to see here.... That's what my eyes see only OUT OF STOCK
M.R.N Tech Gaming
M.R.N Tech Gaming Vor Tag
Guys check out my new Gaming channel I upload all games videos need some support
jake milner
jake milner Vor Tag
i feel like i should be offended cause this is racist but its so funny im not
Nifty N
Nifty N Vor Tag
who cares! if you have a rtx 2080 ti, yes you are a billionaire!
CODM Aiden
CODM Aiden Vor Tag
Pc Service
Pc Service Vor Tag
I have the same msi gaming x design video card . What is on your back. An gtx 1060 6gb version. And its a monster of big card.