I'm sorry, I've had enough
Let's build a gaming PC!
It's not much but it's mine
Vor 6 Monate
Judging your PCs again
Mouse Potato
Mouse Potato Vor 21 Stunde
I still have my original PC from 2001 with my 64mb GPU.
Akshay Techonoler GAMERZZ
Akshay Techonoler GAMERZZ Vor 21 Stunde
Saale juth kyu boll ra hai
Yifan Chen
Yifan Chen Vor 21 Stunde
I just got mh asus tuf rtx 3060ti bottlenecking my i5 6400 hahahaha. Im saving more money to buy my ryzen 5 3600 with a msi b550 tomahawk
Haroun Vor 21 Stunde
But why amd for someone that don’t game😐
William Chan
William Chan Vor 21 Stunde
Correction: Which RTX 3080 can you buy?
Yipp Vor 21 Stunde
and he turned out to be soar crickets 🥰
Yassir Aziz
Yassir Aziz Vor 22 Stunden
dude, watching your reaction to these prices hurts. here in Saudi Arabia 1200$ for a 3080 TUF is a good deal :( I waited since release to get any 3080 or 3070 card for close to MSRP but couldn't, yesterday my brother bought 2 3070 TUF cards for a total of 1760$. :(
ZUM Vor 22 Stunden
an entry level cpu now doesnt even have as many cores as that i7 the exact cpu that i am talking about is the amd athlon 3000g
SirKob Vor 22 Stunden
when he saw the decoy: *pure disappointment*
brtt r
brtt r Vor 22 Stunden
2:50 I’m dead 💀💀
josh platz
josh platz Vor 22 Stunden
Dbz diss got a dislike 😂
Kevin Vor 22 Stunden
Kyle looks like that guy thats about to laugh every second
Mythic gamer
Mythic gamer Vor 22 Stunden
Rtx 2080ti owners: destroys entire keyboard in the house. Me with a 1080: satisfied with my gpu
Parker B
Parker B Vor 22 Stunden
Have 16gb of the Vengeance ram in my system... makes me want to upgrade!
Douglas Foster
Douglas Foster Vor 22 Stunden
wil you make a AMD budget gaming PC build?
VICs_Live Vor 22 Stunden
Can you build the best cheapest pc plz or show the parts i know nothing about pc and i have been saving
Dianitestar123 Vor 22 Stunden
to think i was about a year old at the time.. and now... damn
Ivan Jovanovic
Ivan Jovanovic Vor 22 Stunden
Im playing AC Odyssey (AMD logo when start game) first on Asus duo RX 5700 XT 4k all opions on ultra extreme... Than try it on my new MSI RTX 3070 Suprim and it works worst had to turn one step back volumetric clouds or such. It is all pumped
SpacedGhost 77
SpacedGhost 77 Vor 23 Stunden
Where are the graphs? Info? Cache ratios? Hardware used to test? I believe the results but I would like to have actual information. How can you prove any of this. With scribbles on a piece of paper at 1am? I appreciate your always honest info but it seems you were more on a bash campaign then doing any research or illustrating the comparison. Also your Ks sample is not bad that about avg, lying bwtween 98-28% of all ks’s, according to silicon lottery data. The things is your 9900k may have an oc or thermal cap, where most 9900ks will keep scaling with voltage. Had a 9900k that did 5.0 at 1.23 but only oc’s to 5.1 at 1.27. The core wouldn’t go over 5.1 with 1.4v. Second 9900k would oc to 5.4 1.45v but takes 1.26 for 5.0 ghz. I will also not the cache ration oc potential was higher on the chip that could only do 5.1 core clock. I’m not even going to speak of the 3rd one that could only do 4.9 ghz core clock, but had a higher baseline score at stock then the others. The thing is scores are not only related to core oc, there is cache, and the nature that some chips are stronger performers clock for clock. We need data next time! Late response but I had seen this video awhile ago and never seats anything, but I see people are still commenting and watching in 2021.
Blutshooter Vor 23 Stunden
but why?
Дмитрий Сухоруков
Дмитрий Сухоруков Vor 23 Stunden
this is fake)
Ocean Europa
Ocean Europa Vor 23 Stunden
So Amazon is selling services provided by local service providers. Amazon gets its share and local service providers ask more from customers. Then the contract between Amazon and customers for the cost of the service can change at will. This is breach of contract.
Marve The Pixl
Marve The Pixl Vor 23 Stunden
I still have that geforce 3 ti 500
SoImGogy Vor 23 Stunden
I'm getting a new pc for high school Since I'm really scared and worried of going there. Its kinda insane how fast it is an rx 6900xt a ryzen 9 5950x
Shojan20 Vor Tag
Watching this today. Did you find a solution? I was thinking rubber washers on the bottom screws to help rise the reservoir/pump. kind of like a shim.
Kevin San Mateo
Kevin San Mateo Vor Tag
Why do narcissists hate rgb besides their reasoning it doesn’t help performance?
OS X Lion
OS X Lion Vor Tag
PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THE SONG HE USES IN THE VIDEO IS (not the royal one when he is showing the ram)
Isaac Mega9600
Isaac Mega9600 Vor Tag
Imagine being able to show them an RTX 3090 (without disrupting the space time continuum) and seeing their reaction to the evolution
Mojeed Essa
Mojeed Essa Vor Tag
Damn bruh this video was taken out too early we are going to need you to remake this video but correct the mistakes
Pleumel Vor Tag
5:38 DAMN THAT ROAST Ahahahaa
christian de leon
christian de leon Vor Tag
You should donate that pc to me 😂😂 jk
Marwen Vor Tag
Wierdo Vor Tag
DAY 3 OF ASKING BITWIT TO BUILD A PC WITH ME (but I’m poor so I can’t buy the parts)
Wierdo Vor Tag
DAY 2 OF ASKING BITWIT TO BUILD A PC WITH ME (but I’m poor so I can’t buy the parts)
Wierdo Vor Tag
DAY 1 OF ASKING BITWIT TO BUILD A PC WITH ME (but I’m poor so I can’t buy the parts)
Hove 201
Hove 201 Vor Tag
You could have just made the mitx build the gaming PC.... lol wtf
Taylor Wolff
Taylor Wolff Vor Tag
Man I need a pc I’m running off a hp envy 360 😭
Pauze 78
Pauze 78 Vor Tag
"Emergency break" 😂
SpaceMarine69 Yeet
SpaceMarine69 Yeet Vor Tag
Really hope they get back to normal really like buying pc parts i want right away
any4003 Vor Tag
Funny to look back lol
Cheetoh Game
Cheetoh Game Vor Tag
My $5,000 Gpu.
Brody Walker
Brody Walker Vor Tag
2:52 that’s so true lmao my friend has like a $2000 pc but sits in a beach chair 🤣
jlwasmer Vor Tag
The guest was from Philips... they most likely wanted to talk about their speaker system, not graphic cards since they don't make any.
anonymous Vor Tag
my pc seeing this😶😑😐
StillSane Vor Tag
1:08 :0 :D
Franchfrey Vor Tag
Wow she can finally play Gacha life😱😱😱😱😱🤯😳🤯😳🤯😳😮
EX 元
EX 元 Vor Tag
Ahh the shade gotta love it
itsyumenKylee Vor Tag
Stormy Vor Tag
Chester Villanueva
Chester Villanueva Vor Tag
I have been watching your videos and have never subscribed but when I watched where you bought that kid a GPU I instantly subbed. Good man right here.
StillSane Vor Tag
Jessica Haro
Jessica Haro Vor Tag
Wouldn’t be long if you would just let go of the button
Esoteric Bear
Esoteric Bear Vor Tag
I remember the chameleon Benchmark. I might have it on the disc somewhere still. I think the next generation had the Zoltar benchmark, thing too. "It takes a big man to cry, but it takes an even bigger man to laugh at that man."
Esoteric Bear
Esoteric Bear Vor Tag
I still have the Chieftec Dragon PC case, that Alienware used.
Esoteric Bear
Esoteric Bear Vor Tag
Nevermind, I didn't watch long enough.
Bruh my dad always says old cod games better me : I cant play in that resolition
Dude look at the resolution forget about graphics just look at that that's why my dad get amazed by modern graphics
GuyThatLikesBigBooms blah
GuyThatLikesBigBooms blah Vor Tag
No shit itq gonna be cheaper online, that extra 10 or 15 bucks is someone's wage. Buying things at brick and mortar stores provide jobs, which is why its an extra 15 bucks. You're paying for the trucks, the wages the stocking and all that. And to me, I'd rather pay an extra couple of bucks so someone can have a job rather than a damn robot.
ImproperFashion Vor Tag
5:15 You did not just use a hard R there?!!?
Ocean Europa
Ocean Europa Vor Tag
Never buy anything from scalpers. Buying from them is funding them to hoard more products and steal money from more people.
Bulletproofweasel Vor Tag
We need another one of these in a year or 2
HeadLessPuppy Vor Tag
Yes sell the case
Citizen Blue
Citizen Blue Vor Tag
ModernLexus - Forza & More!
ModernLexus - Forza & More! Vor Tag
I use mostly the same things, just the Case and the CPU cooler is the same. You inspired me to build. Thanks!
Jooosh Vor Tag
Where do you get your gpus?
Liam Gowey
Liam Gowey Vor Tag
Twitch Wosure
Twitch Wosure Vor Tag
Like people treat ur rig nice and it will do the same gheez 🤦‍♀️
Angie Tinio
Angie Tinio Vor Tag
6:05 So relate af XD
M Vor Tag
I Loved this! It back some memories. It's around the time from when I got my first PC ... • 486SX 25 • 4MB RAM • Graphics card with SVGA @ 256 colours • Sound Blaster 2.0 • 170MB Hard Drive Got me started as a programmer. It wasn't powerful enough to play Doom though. That game got me to upgrade. But enough to play Sensible Soccer - the best game of all time!! 😀An no... pretty sure Doom never got released for Macintosh. About the "moving parts" at 17:10 isn't actually nonsense. The drive head not parking properly before switching the computer off has killed a lot of hard drives. Probably moreso in laptops though. Things like free-fall sensors didn't get added much later I think. Also, I recall having a command in the conner hard drive software to flush the buffers and park the head.
Daddy 690
Daddy 690 Vor Tag
that prebuilt is better than my computer i only got core i5 and geforce gtx 1650
mr51mp Vor Tag
try facebook market place.
mia Vor Tag
im poor </3
Christopher Cronin
Christopher Cronin Vor Tag
criticises guy for not having a case making his revised build cheeper (still $30 more, he can't do math) but then he makes a list for $100 more without any fans or monitor and says nothing.
Christopher Cronin
Christopher Cronin Vor Tag
maby it's just the fans but still ad some fans
Aw man I really want a pc its a bummer i cant get a job 🥱
Milk for 2
Milk for 2 Vor Tag
@NXIOUS_VFX ask to do get money for chores or help neighbor I'm 13 too and I'm saving for my on pc
@Milk for 2 im 13
Milk for 2
Milk for 2 Vor Tag
@NXIOUS_VFX wdym you can't get a job
Would really help with my video editing career
Jonathan McIntyre
Jonathan McIntyre Vor Tag
I need help installing a fully modular power supply bruh
Christopher Belles
Christopher Belles Vor Tag
I've been patiently waiting with my i5-3570 computer since wifey sauce told me that was my new rig. ...i think it got lost in transit.
Dill Zilla
Dill Zilla Vor Tag
I will torrent my copy of gimp as much as I want.
stephen schrimpshire
stephen schrimpshire Vor Tag
I love how you say "Let's jump right in." and instead of you clicking play you give us a sponsor.
Aidan Chappelle
Aidan Chappelle Vor Tag
Bitwit, the only person to say 'heck' and 'h€\\' in the same sentence
Jean-Christophe Pélissier
Jean-Christophe Pélissier Vor Tag
21:51 what do you mean? All I see is a gtx 1060
Andy Davies
Andy Davies Vor Tag
back in 93 I was still running a couple of Amiga's