AMD is the new Intel, and I'm terrified. Ryzen 9 5900X vs. i9-10900K

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AMD is the new Intel, and I'm terrified - Ryzen 9 5900X vs. i9-10900K

Grey Fox
Grey Fox Vor Tag
I love ryzen but so crazy they crippled the giant. But I think Intel bounce back. They got to shrink the die though. That's really the big difference.
G A Vor Tag
Not sure it's a first ever "historic" moment for AMD to beat Intel? Seem to recall AMD were the top gaming option in the early 2000s, or am I not remembering correctly? Maybe they were best bang for buck? 🤔
Refke van Lavieren
Refke van Lavieren Vor Tag
Arm and RISC-V based processors could compete with x86 in the future. AMD has no time to slack off.
Oscar Meyer
Oscar Meyer Vor Tag
my 5900x out of the box didnt have pbo enabled and maxed out at 60c with a kraken 62
rupi Vor Tag
i only support the underdog
Game Time
Game Time Vor 3 Tage
Nice overclock on his 10700k.. mine is about the same. Considering AMD still can’t really beat Intel at gaming with Zen 3, I feel bad when Rocket Lake will put Intel 5-20% ahead in gaming again, and at most likely competitive prices. 8 core 11900K is kind of a joke though. Look, Inget it, Intel went complacent. But their shit was amazing when it (Skylake obviously) came out, it took AMD forever to catch up, and I did indeed have issues with not one but TWO R5 3600’s. Got a 10700K from BB new for 320$ and it hasn’t even crashed once when overclocking it, and I can get it OCCT and Prime 95 stable at 5.3 ghz at safe voltages. I run it at 5.3 when gaming and 4.9 or 5.0 when just doing other stuff. I do love my 10700K and I like Intel. Competition is good and I hope Intel starts innovating again, because Apple and AMD are embarrassing them for sure. It’s inexcusable that the HEDT platform from 7th-10th gen was literally the same product. Lmao. Still like em though..don’t think they’re down and out yet. It took Zen 2 to get anywhere near the same universe as them in gaming, and still lost hard to 8-10th gen K cpu’s. Now Zen 3 is really great for gaming, but it’s still basically identical to 10700k-10900k when OC’d. They trade blows. J know it’s fun to make fun of Bad Shintel, or be LTT and downclock your 10th gen cpu and run CSGO against Zen 3 and make it lose horribly. But real benchmarkers like Bitwit, Tech Deals, Jayz2cents, and HardwareUnboxed show the truth (10700K vs 5600X). It really took AMD a LONG time to catch up. To think Intel has nothing in the pipeline is pretty ignorant.
Bryce Czirr
Bryce Czirr Vor 3 Tage
5900x has been out of stock since Nov. Yet 10900k's are always in stock. May just get a 10900k because I'm sick of waiting for the 5900x to ever get in stock, it's BS.
Blue-Squirrel-12 Vor 4 Tage
should i get a ryzen 7 5800x or a i9-10850k for microsoft flight sim 2020
engineer Vor 5 Tage
AMD costs more. Whenever I search up the i9 10900k it costs around 500$ but, when I search up the Ryzen 9 5900X AMD, it costs around 700$.
best gameplay
best gameplay Vor 5 Tage
Doesn't it draw more power BC of the card and cooler ?
misterPAINMAKER Vor 6 Tage
Don't worry INTEL is way bigger than AMD, the history will be repeated and AMD will be the underdog for years. Intel will go on 5nm and 3nm . Good try AMD you had some wins, but now Intel will surpass you.
Med10cr3 Vor 6 Tage
Amd sucks
Do fortnite
Adxpt_god Vor 6 Tage
Longest sponsor ad ever lol
Emile Williams
Emile Williams Vor 6 Tage
Me watching this knowing i will never be able to afford anything in this video: 😁😁😁
Zeze Ba
Zeze Ba Vor 6 Tage
In India,the 5900x is about $890 USD,and the 10900k is $600... Is the 5900x worth the extra $300?
Street_Wise Gamgee
Street_Wise Gamgee Vor 7 Tage
i was an intel fanboy then i got my ryzen 9 5900x and will never go back to intel again.
Nicholas Zambito
Nicholas Zambito Vor 7 Tage
how much is the new amd though, because when i check its like 1,400
Aaron Czechlski
Aaron Czechlski Vor 7 Tage
my girl made a ton of money on her AMD stocks i might as.. this must be a contributing factor!!
Jin Kazama
Jin Kazama Vor 7 Tage
Now if AMD doesn't slack off like intel...
rezneba101 Vor 9 Tage
"intel fanbois" Sea of amd fanbois in the comments
SXCK Vor 10 Tage
what kinda lube you use bro
orion Vor 10 Tage
i have AMD Ryzen 5 1600x with 4x4 gigs ram hyper x motherboard Asus x470 prime pro and is going real fast so why i m going to buy 5000 AMD series????? cinebench r20 13000 points
orion Vor 10 Tage
i have AMD Ryzen 5 1600x with 4x4 gigs ram hyper x motherboard Asus x470 prime pro and is going real fast so why i m going to buy 5000 AMD series????? cinebench r20 13000 points
orion Vor 10 Tage
I am waiting for an answer i am not going to buy anything if the specs have blurry or not available options from AMD the same for Intel to thanks
orion Vor 10 Tage
how many billions transistors 5000 series have because if they are lower than gen 1 or gen 2 then is smth wrong???????????
Carl D
Carl D Vor 10 Tage
what i want to know is what if you used the Radeon 6800 or 6900 would this change the outcome?
MilleniumExodus Vor 10 Tage
MrSausage Vor 11 Tage
nice ... but we still cant buy it anyway.
Gamer123 Vor 12 Tage
AMD kicked Intel In the balls
YassinDaKiller Vor 12 Tage
i9 is faster thank you intel
sushant gauri
sushant gauri Vor 11 Tage
ummm... no it isn't
omegalilbchass Vor 13 Tage
Building a pc this year, this video just gave me confidence with my choice to go for the 5900x lol
omegalilbchass Vor 4 Tage
@Dead Alewives thanks
Dead Alewives
Dead Alewives Vor 4 Tage
@omegalilbchass I wish you luck, bud.
omegalilbchass Vor 4 Tage
@Dead Alewives I'm building it in spring I hope to god they're in stock by then
Dead Alewives
Dead Alewives Vor 5 Tage
Good luck getting parts lol
Certain Contigency
Certain Contigency Vor 13 Tage
Most regular people cant see it but Intel is still the choice for machine learning, I doubt 7nm will make it run more efficient, the upcoming 14nm 11th gen from intel seems promising, Id concentrate on the Architecture itself than the manufacturer node
Soundzy Vor 13 Tage
I have been hoping amd would come a head due to their lower prices to core ratio and they did not just do that they now rein supreme of the cpu kingdom.
LUX -music
LUX -music Vor 14 Tage
Bruh the intel cpu is about 150 euros cheaper (in germany)
Youtube Account
Youtube Account Vor 14 Tage
Intel was in stock, so I bought intel
Tyler Mitchell
Tyler Mitchell Vor 15 Tage
They really are the new intel and its shity. Price increases, and taking away alot of the extra value by excluding coolers.
Robert Andrews
Robert Andrews Vor 15 Tage
Why would someone go from a 10900k to a 5900x? Such marginal improvements that you probably wouldn't notice. Good luck getting a 5k series though, it'll be well into 2021
sushant gauri
sushant gauri Vor 11 Tage
If you already have a 10900k, you probably shouldn't upgrade to a 5900x, because you won't get any noticeable improvements. However, if you're building a completely NEW pc, you should get the 5900x because it basically costs the same with better performance
danielpryme Vor 15 Tage
Hello there, i currently have 3700x and Aorus B450m mb, i need power but dont usually use OC. How will my VRMs termals do if i upgrade to 5900x?
Retro Soup
Retro Soup Vor 15 Tage
im getting a new pc soon and for storage idk if i should get more storage and get a 1tb hdd and 500gb 970 evo or a 500gb 970 evo and a 500gb 860 evo
OnyxRooster Vor 15 Tage
It’s not fair to omit the higher resolutions. There was clearly a difference and the 10900 was definitely able to utilize the 3080 better than the 5900 in higher resolutions. Higher resolution is the future of gaming so to me the better option as a gamer is the 10900. No I’m not simping for intel. I actually like AMD better. Been team red for years, but i’m not gone sit here and act like 1080p gaming is a great metric when gaming is clearly getting into higher and higher resolutions. I mean hell, we live in a time where 8k gaming is a real thing.
mmeatheaddd Vor 16 Tage
im not seeing the big deal?the whole intel vs amd thing? so amd NEW chips are better then intel's 10th gen right?but intel is coming out with its 11th gen soon correct?should be somewhat close to the new ryzens. prices are crazy right now for the new AMDs intel is a pretty good buy from what i seen im just not seeing one as a MUST buy.
Uche Oji
Uche Oji Vor 16 Tage
I'm a bit confused. Who is Intel?
theflash B
theflash B Vor 17 Tage
Until we get 11th gen processors from intel later on in the year lmao
But is it worth as a gamer to go from 3900x to 5900x
Nicosoryx Vor 19 Tage
Hey its 2021 bro
Cody Moore
Cody Moore Vor 19 Tage
I love that he called the cpu a 3900, 4900 and 5900x. I felt complete that you got all the order. 6:38, 6:58, rest of the video.
Anders Rundgren
Anders Rundgren Vor 19 Tage
I would not hold my breath on Ryzen as a long-term winner because an underlaying problem is the X86 architecture which was designed in another time when CODE size was a major deal; today DATA is the bottleneck. The ability to make many SIMPLE (and FAST) cores is also a factor to consider. CISC is the wrong solution for multi-core systems.
dark hades gaming
dark hades gaming Vor 20 Tage
Well the button turns black now but being an intel guy I'd still say lets make the button blue😂
JayNose Vor 20 Tage
I’m glad you talked about that. I’m worried about the same thing. That if Amd starts dominating the Cpu landscape, it’ll become stagnant and we will see tiny improvements upon each new release Let’s hope Intel has a fire under their cheeks.
The Aussie Gamer
The Aussie Gamer Vor 21 Tag
Wanted to get a 5900x, but in my country there is NO STOCK whatsoever! (Probably the same in every other) Went with an i9 10850k because it was cheaper (boxing day sale), plus actually available
Daniel .Power
Daniel .Power Vor 22 Tage
Funny with the 10850k going for $400 it is much better value than a $450-700 5800X, congrats on being the budget high end option intel
Sandwich Vor 22 Tage
Sold me on the cpu cooler on my new build
Waasislos Vor 23 Tage
8:32 ahses of the singularity 1440p 2x same test but other results ?
Waasislos Vor 23 Tage
520€ vs 800€ ;) and 10850 K same as 10900k with 100 MHz lesser clock for 425€ = intel win for the money
GigaramsYT Vor 25 Tage
"Kind of looks like lube"
phoxphire Vor 25 Tage
Sounds like capitalism at its finest.
shweller Vor 26 Tage
According to gamers nexus your radiator is upside down.
meatlip Vor 16 Tage
The be quiet cooler has a pump at the top instead of the water block basically erasing the air bubble problem
stfuna4b Vor 27 Tage
Half of the video is you talking about that AIO, like seriously?
Plague_Arsenal Vor 27 Tage
12:56 is where he says which is best your welcome guys
simo sipila
simo sipila Vor 27 Tage
I love the fact that the aio's tubes cover the first ram slot
joshuamarius Vor 28 Tage
It's very important to clarify one thing. The power draw you measured with a Killawatt from the wall is AC, not DC. You mention that the difference in wattage could be the difference between a 550w vs a 600w Power Supply, but these are in DC, nothing to do with the Killawatt/AC measurements. I keep seeing this mistake in a lot of the reviews I see on these systems.
Decimus TV
Decimus TV Vor 29 Tage
Thumbs down for such a crap click bait title.
lightless Vor Monat
I still bought a 10900k recently not sure if i made a bad choice. Personally don't think i did.
The Aussie Gamer
The Aussie Gamer Vor 21 Tag
I pulled the trigger on a 10850k, no regrets whatsoever
Lollerkid Vor Monat
Those BQ mounting plates are 1to1 reuse of the dark rock series :D What a genius method. Love it!
Chad H
Chad H Vor Monat
If only I could buy one... The one thing Intel has going for it is it's actually in stock.
Ktownsend1992 Vor Monat
Once Intel gets off 14nm they should take the lead again considering this 2nd gen 7nm cpu is just edging out a 14nm. That might be an “if” scenario instead of “when” though.
DSM DALLAS 2 Vor Monat
AMD real-world issues with crashes etc just not worth the 2%.
RamTTV Vor Monat
I'm impressed with AMD but I'm always going to go with Intel for gaming However if I were to build another PC, I'll definitely go with AMD since it will be my work station.
Rape Victim
Rape Victim Vor Monat
If only the benchmarks were tested by speedrunners. As you say, sitting in the middle of the map is not really doing anything. you need to be in the shit, in the trenches, every ms counts between life and death,. "I ride motorbikes, i don't fix them" - me when i was a child.
networkn Vor Monat
Just found your videos. Can I make a suggestion. I like how accessible these are for people who aren't super into the tiny details in processor lingo, but one thing that would make a big difference, is if you create some graphs that show the value for money proposition. For example, 10900k in NZ is $869, and the AMD $959, therefore, you are paying for more performance, which doesn't really make it outrightly better. A value for money comparison helps.
BlueOval95 Vor Monat
Intels in trouble. Everything in bestbuy has intel in it. Makes sence
Rickstar Campbell
Rickstar Campbell Vor Monat
you got a smoke machine on lol your picture is not up to your standards , you better get some tips off paul .
Forest Zeng
Forest Zeng Vor Monat
2:46 he said different flavors
ShatteredMercury Vor Monat
I bought a new rig with 3080 and 5900x. I think the 5000 series is the best thing that happened to the CPU market. Intel has mountains of cash for R&D this new AMD lineup will force them off their asses to come up with something brand new and to cut their prices. If they develop something way better AMD will be forced to price cut. Gamers win every time.
David Timpuriu
David Timpuriu Vor Monat
But kyle what about the amd ryzen threadripper ? Isn’t that the fastest gaming and whatever procesor ?
DoJo Vor 23 Tage
​@Bycenta epyc is for datacentres. Threadripper is for workstations, which profit from multicore and a lot of PCIe-Lanes. Threadripper cores are not clocking as high as Ryzen/Core iX-Cores and since many games still get most performance with clockspeed rather than core count, Threadripper is not for gaming right now.
Bycenta Vor Monat
no, its for datacentres
Divine Beast
Divine Beast Vor Monat
Why am I watching...I cant afford this 🤣
Steven Hun
Steven Hun Vor Monat
Pleaswe put higher or lower is better
im_a_blobfish Vor Monat
0:06 'pacifically' boi did u put that cpu in the ocean
Adam Ross
Adam Ross Vor Monat
Rocket Lake and a 3080 Ti for me
DarkSans Vor Monat
“FE Founders Edition” My mind: “Founders Edition Founders Edition”
Poisonous Meat
Poisonous Meat Vor 9 Tage
My dumb brain in the earlymorning reaĺly said "founders edition founders editioñ found-" scratches head
snak1ty Vor 12 Tage
"RK Royal Kludge" "Royal Kludge Royal Kludge"
SimpleSetting Vor 15 Tage
@OnyxRooster well i heard some dumb***es calling them like that so
OnyxRooster Vor 15 Tage
@SimpleSetting HDD is hard disk drive. And i have never heard someone say HDD drive, SSD drive, or SSHD drive 🤦🏾‍♂️ I call my SSDs “SSDs” etc and so does everyone else i know
Ludwig Harisuo
Ludwig Harisuo Vor 23 Tage
"SMH my head" Yes, shaking my head my head
DarkSans Vor Monat
Don’t break it if it’s not broken, but engineers always ask: How can we make it better?
RagnarokMew Vor Monat
Not an intel fanboy but the intel i9 10900k is around 150$ cheaper than the amd ryzen 9 5900X. Even though the ryzen 9 outperforms the i9, i think currently the i9 10900k is the better option.(only because the i9 is cheaper)
Styil Vor Monat
I used to semi fanboy for AMD and I would probably buy an Intel chip rn because of this. Buy the best you can for cheapest, don’t be loyal to corporations.
Saint Jimmy
Saint Jimmy Vor Monat
420 and 365 watts "I think the CPUs are trying to tell me something." *Smoke weed everyday.*
Daniel Zhang
Daniel Zhang Vor 17 Minuten
@no I think it's pretty obvious he's humoring you, that you're incapable of thinking that in the hundreds of thousands of people that watch this video, there wouldn't be two people with similar thoughts who would make two very similar comments.
no Vor 4 Tage
@Saint Jimmy multiple people can’t have the same thought? Do you mean can have the same thought? And no Kyle did not make the full joke I’m pretty sure you copied this from another person
Saint Jimmy
Saint Jimmy Vor 4 Tage
@no because multiple people can't have the same thought. Technically I'm copying Kyle's joke because he said it first. 🤷‍♂️
no Vor 4 Tage
@Saint Jimmy well it was similar but too similar lol didn’t copy paste but definitely copied some of it
Saint Jimmy
Saint Jimmy Vor 4 Tage
@no if there was a similar one, I wouldn't be surprised, but I did not explicitly copy and paste someone else's comment. Lol.
Shashi Kumar
Shashi Kumar Vor Monat
Which is cooler i know i9 10gen is very easy to overheat
Viggo HALLIN Vor Monat
I feel like such a fool... just got a i9-10900k for like a month ago... faq
LetsPlay Gaming
LetsPlay Gaming Vor Monat
welp im still happy to have upgraded on black friday from a i7-6700k to a i9-9900k for only 120 due to me selling my old cpu and the new cpu only being 319 on amazon new so yes intel is cheaper but it still games very very good!
Thrackerzod Vor Monat
Still tryin to get ahold of one of these, it's been a pain in the ass.
jabcreations Vor Monat
"The roles have fully switched." So AMD is now the one giving Dell billion dollar quarterly don't-use-competition checks? I must have missed that massive headline.
jabcreations Vor Monat
Yeah, a lot of people blindly ignore the things that destroy competition (note: winning is not inherently one of them). Underrated?
Cortex Cortexified
Cortex Cortexified Vor Monat
I was expecting this comment, underrated tho.
_Z3g Vor Monat
scared for nvidia
Septopia Berry
Septopia Berry Vor Monat
Linus would be proud of the sponsor segway
Unlock-ALL-Mods Vor Monat
i am using the same background at wallpaper engine lol
Joe Campbell
Joe Campbell Vor Monat
I don't understand this common parlance. For the last generation or two prior, Intel has only worn the "Gaming Performance Crown" while sweltering and burning a quarter kilowatt. Their chips are too hot and power hungry; I can't see how they could have any longevity in the wild. AMD has been kicking so much butt, I'm still all excited about my 3950X. It's an absolute beast! (I have a 3700X that's pretty darn beastly, and that's a 3950X cut in half)
Jonathan Deville
Jonathan Deville Vor Monat
I'm not a fanboy, but we are still comparing a 14nm architecture to a 7nm...I have a sinking feeling that this might actually wake the sleeping intel beast.
Saeed M
Saeed M Vor Monat
Why amd loses on 1440 ?
Darrell May
Darrell May Vor Monat
I am usually against using water-cooled gadgets!,, but I thing that the be quiet solution would be worth the chance for My needs! 💥
Darrell May
Darrell May Vor Monat
On the be quiet cooler,, it has the best improvement that I have seen in two decades!,,, 💫
Darrell May
Darrell May Vor Monat
To have the pump on the outside of the Block is Genius!
Darrell May
Darrell May Vor Monat
What happened to Wifey sauce dude?,,💦
Captain Psychedelic Jesus
Captain Psychedelic Jesus Vor Monat
I can’t be the only one that’s preferred AMD chipsets for over a decade, right?
Doggfish 90
Doggfish 90 Vor Monat
My thought over the last several years was that Intel usually had the fastest chip available, but when comparing dollar for dollar, AMD definitely had the better value.
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