ASUS RTX 3080 TUF...It's a BANGER!

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ASUS RTX 3080 TUF...It's a BANGER!

Blue-Squirrel-12 Vor Tag
i have a 3060ti ventus 3x oc and they go for around £550-£600 on ebay, should i sell mine and get a 3080 tuf for £720 if possible? (i bought my 3060ti for £430 on dec 2.)
Jake Paul
Jake Paul Vor 2 Tage
Anyone know why this is listed on curry’s pc world with only 4352 cuda cores, instead of the normal 8702?
DFKnightmare Vor 5 Tage
NOT a fan of the FE card looks at all.
jack smith
jack smith Vor 10 Tage
what software does the asus tuf 3080 come with is it the rtx nvidia
James Manning
James Manning Vor 10 Tage
Just ordered mine and beat the bots! Feels good man
The Red Pineapple
The Red Pineapple Vor 13 Tage
Kyle pog
DarkEngine Vor 14 Tage
I just got one of these yesterday. Searching, Refreshing. Just look on Newegg in the Evenings....
Guilherme Montenegro
Guilherme Montenegro Vor 16 Tage
My opinion, but a $1000 card should never have the same design than a $300 one.
Rasmus Rönkkö
Rasmus Rönkkö Vor 17 Tage
I would have bought the FE if it wasnt for the fact that not one store in Finland sells it
Jason Richelie
Jason Richelie Vor 24 Tage
That face you make on thumbnail makes me want to kick you down in the face. “It’s a banger” shut up...
Jason Richelie
Jason Richelie Vor 24 Tage
whitebuffulo Vor 25 Tage
Found me a needle in the haystack, see you all at the finish line
Dicky O
Dicky O Vor 25 Tage
funny that u find it impressive the TUF cools alot better..... it has more fans simple awnser
M Totonchi
M Totonchi Vor 27 Tage
Was wondering if you advise getting an Asus Strix or Evega black ultra? And why? Thank you 🙏🏼
brandon b
brandon b Vor 27 Tage
I have this card and the MSI Ventus 3xOC. Surprisingly, the Ventus performs slightly better in both fps and graphics score in Time Spy. This performs better in thermals and noise.
JCTiggs Vor 27 Tage
90+ days later and 3080 cards are still almost impossible to find online and in store.
Andy Patel
Andy Patel Vor 29 Tage
Is this the OC TUF or the regular TUF?
Deezy San
Deezy San Vor Monat
Is this better than the Evga XC3 Ultra 3080?
Diabetus Maximus
Diabetus Maximus Vor Monat
*doOL*? G(you)OL=dual
سامر يوسف
سامر يوسف Vor Monat
I have a question and please answer, which graphics card is stronger GIGABYTE RTX 3080 OC or ASUS TUF GAMING RTX 3080 Which one of them is generally stronger in games and montage and which one got stronger and better performance than the two because I am thinking of buying one of them but I don't know which one of them is stronger and this The reason for my question, thank you
Will Vor Monat
every card is the same in performance some just have better Overclocking and cooling. Just pick the one that looks good to you.
Iceziey Vor Monat
Would you rather have the tuff 3080 or the rtx 3080 fe?
Sven Vor Monat
cyberpunk is here and I still dont have one, trying to get it for 3 months already ffs, people buying them like they are free
Greg Vor Monat
those benchmarks seem off if the tuf variant is cooler under load performing higher clocks yet behind in benchmarks over the FE Edition of the 3080
Dachief54 Vor Monat
..|., Since when has your pc not blinding you with flashing lights been a negative?
Vertigo Vor Monat
Could i Pare this with say a ryzen 7 3700x?
BigD Vor Monat
that picture of your video here.. you look like some gay pron doll.. wow
Natan Vor Monat
Will TUF fit in the NZXT H1? best wishes!
Google user
Google user Vor Monat
Hello! TWO questions: 1) What is more stable/better, MSI RTX 3080 VENTUS, or ASUS RTX 3080 TUF ? 2) How to undervolt the GPU ? THANKS !!
Derpygamer 27
Derpygamer 27 Vor Monat
Victor D
Victor D Vor Monat
Asus TUF 3080.... Or 6800 XT?
Derfal Vor Monat
I have an i7 4770k, I was thinking of upgrading from 1080, to 3080. Do you guys think my 700W PSU is enough?
Arya G
Arya G Vor Monat
I went to my microcenter randomly today just to see and I was able to get this tuf gaming 3080 and I got a ryzen 9 5900x note:there were about 80 3070's available
MeagerZombi Vor 2 Monate
It’s kind of strange to say since it is such a good cpu but it almost seemed like the 3080 was cpu bottlenecked at lower resolutions
Flynn McFarland
Flynn McFarland Vor 2 Monate
Welp Ordered on of these today. Had to pay the Iron Price but the deed is done. Can't wait to play
Mr PeePee
Mr PeePee Vor 2 Monate
I got the Sold Out Rtx 3080
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Vor 2 Monate
It's a nice card.
Denstoradiskmaskinen Vor 2 Monate
I dont get it with the Founders Edition, i cant find any seller that even show it in their range of products, all stores got 3070 80 90, none has FE.. whats the deal?
North Hustler
North Hustler Vor 2 Monate
The TUF is like $100 more though? Always more expensive than other cards
gucci flip flops
gucci flip flops Vor 2 Monate
What? No...? Maybe 50 bucks more.
JD Ros
JD Ros Vor 2 Monate
I'm glad I chose Tuf. I was about to get Zotac but seller suddenly released Tuf before I finalized my order.
Thomas Wells
Thomas Wells Vor 2 Monate
Is there a pcb difference between the OC and the non OC versions?
rohith kumar
rohith kumar Vor 2 Monate
Why are u getting such low fps compared to others with same cpu
Flowmasta Flam
Flowmasta Flam Vor 2 Monate
i ordered mine sept 29th and got a call this morning saying mine will be in the next shipment to the store in a week. so about 35 days wait time. hang in there bros there's hope
buck choi
buck choi Vor 2 Monate
People are too impatient. I back ordered mine and are expecting it q1 2021. No hope no disappointment
Santiago Urán C
Santiago Urán C Vor 2 Monate
I got the same and is crashing 🥴
suppermanzz zz
suppermanzz zz Vor 2 Monate
is this a oc version or non oc version? i can see it can reach 1939 MHz, i just bought one non oc version of strix 3080, but i can see from the web page it metioned the clock speed are around 1740.
iago Brisola
iago Brisola Vor 2 Monate
Great card, all built in aluminium, respecting the range price of 600$, cold, silent, nice piece at all.
Eduardo Orlando Favero De Favero
Eduardo Orlando Favero De Favero Vor 2 Monate
The design is extra cringe worthy. God damn. I HATE the gamer looks, so boring. We need brands to do some more professional, classy looking design without plastic or stickers, please. EVGA and Gigabyte sometimes seems to get it right, on the other hand we have ASUS with its TUF card looking like a toy... please ungamefy the looks of the current PC part market, it's boring and very childish.
Timo Vor 3 Monate
I benchmarked mine and the results are in: 3080 not found.
gigaganon Vor 3 Monate
what's the difference between normal TUF and TUF OC? there's a 70 $ difference here so i'm not sure what to pick
taydan04 Vor 3 Monate
Only difference is a slightly higher target boost clock on the OC edition. I would say it is probably only worth it if you can find it more readily available than the non-oc. Performance will be near enough the same.
brainbah Vor 3 Monate
Amazon has loads of despicable people selling these for near $2000. May they all get hemorrhoids
Daniel Arenivas
Daniel Arenivas Vor 3 Monate
this is a scam because the 2080ti has rgb so its better
Willard Vor 3 Monate
Managed to get one for MSRP just right now!
David Lopez
David Lopez Vor 3 Monate
The asus tuf cards for sale have the cheaper squares where in all the videos they all have the more expensive ones
Peter Lee
Peter Lee Vor 3 Monate
Still cant get my hands on one sigh
John Vor 3 Monate
Why use open test bench instead of case? It gives unrealistic expectations of thermals and noise
John Vor 3 Monate
Plus not even bother with quiet mode ? Bruh
Rapid Void
Rapid Void Vor 3 Monate
What would you recommend the asus tuf or the gigabyte Aorus master 3080?
Rupert Wellington
Rupert Wellington Vor 3 Monate
Jason Holloman
Jason Holloman Vor 3 Monate
My tuf comes in the mail tomorrow! I’m so excited!
Shelton Winchell
Shelton Winchell Vor 3 Monate
Would you recommend a mid tower case or full size case since the 3080 tuff is so big??? I’m trying to figure out what stuff to buy while waiting on the 3080 to become available way down the road
Ali K.
Ali K. Vor 3 Monate
so in other words, TUf is better than FE?
John Friedrich
John Friedrich Vor 3 Monate
Why is it interesting? am i missing something? The price maybe? i dont know, but god damn, the 980 ti WAS UTTERLY DESTROYED by the 1080 ti like FOR REAL, im not realy in to these stuff, but by the looks, the diference between the 900 series and the 1000 series is almost identical to this one, so, what?
cuneyt oksuz
cuneyt oksuz Vor 3 Monate
so what's the difference in TUF and ROG because ROG is more expensive than TUF, I think the TUF being the cheapest? any captain care to spare the time and write some explanation ? Thanks.
MangKanorTech Vor 3 Monate
Is this the OC or non OC edition?
Therkel Larsen
Therkel Larsen Vor 3 Monate
Yeah, I like the TUF better. But will it fit in my Meshify C? 🤔
YDKY Vor 3 Monate
Again, your benchmarks DO NOT MATCH the performance delta seen on many other professional reviews 🙄🙄🙄 Something's wrong man! This review is not accurate at all, your viewers deserve better... 🙄🙄🙄 You're showing about half the % improvement over the 2080Ti, either you manually gimped the results or you screwed up somewhere! 🙄🙄🙄
teylix Vor 3 Monate
hol' up. what's with the extra 11 frames of the FE vs TUF on The Division 2 at 1080p.
Icicle_DBR Vor 3 Monate
Uhhh why was this demonitized?
Headbangerr 1983
Headbangerr 1983 Vor 3 Monate
So the deciding factor between FE and TUF will be availability - which one of them i can get first, that one i get :D
Casual Joe
Casual Joe Vor 3 Monate
Can I buy it from you for $5,000?
prencher Vor 3 Monate
Is this the TUF or the TUF OC?
Ham Vor 3 Monate
The stars aligned and managed to order ASUS TUF from Newegg just now... Had no idea it actually beats the FE.
M0P3PEANUTS Vor 3 Monate
Me chillin with my ASUS tuf 1660
Jason Wong
Jason Wong Vor 3 Monate
I have no idea why your benchmark scores for both your 3080s are so low compared to the 2080Ti vs other Tech Reviewers builds.
all CAPS
all CAPS Vor 3 Monate
U have the dummest face on your thumbnails.... like dude. Stop.
LVL3 Vor 3 Monate
so i got a email notice today the 3090 was in stock clicked the link and it was already out of stock not sure what to do
blepeded Vor 3 Monate
Pray lmao
Zaaddy FN
Zaaddy FN Vor 3 Monate
Do fortnite benchmark you wimp
George Allen
George Allen Vor 3 Monate
Asus is the only AIB to use all MLCC caps.
Dylan Staff
Dylan Staff Vor 3 Monate
is this the oc or non oc
Michel Elbsat-Gini
Michel Elbsat-Gini Vor 3 Monate
Is there any point to get this card to replace a 2080ti with a monitor 3840x1600 or is it not a very interesting upgrade?
Josh Kimbrough
Josh Kimbrough Vor 3 Monate
How tf these guys get cards
ValDaZ Vor 3 Monate
just ordered it, cant wait. This is a releif seing that its is a BANGER
Hercules_ 088
Hercules_ 088 Vor 3 Monate
8:07 Erm, it is recommended by NVIDIA not to use a 3rd party 12 pin connector as it may void your warranty...
Ray van der Heij
Ray van der Heij Vor 3 Monate
Dude, is that thumbnail of you singing opera or starting out against your will in same sex adult movies?
Jackson Knollwood
Jackson Knollwood Vor 3 Monate
I think the folders edition looks stupid
SunSon29 Vor 3 Monate
I am confused, 3080 tuf is only 15~ 21% better than 2080TI ??? I thought 3080 is 50% better at least than 2080ti. Did I miss anything ?
SunSon29 Vor 3 Monate
@Joncon21 yeah. thats what i am saying.
Joncon21 Vor 3 Monate
SunSon29 The 3080 is 30% better than 2080Ti and 50-60% better than the 2080. The 3090 is 10-15% better than the 3080 and therefore 50% better than the 2080Ti
SunSon29 Vor 3 Monate
@Joncon21 man,i guess we are wrong. I just checked other reviews. I may saw 30% better from 2080ti, but not 50%. 50> is from 2080, not 2080ti.
Joncon21 Vor 3 Monate
SunSon29 This review is blatantly wrong then or there was a typo in it. Please look at any other review on the internet, particularly digital foundry’s analysis of the 3090. In the digital foundry video some games on the 3090 were up to 70% faster than the 2080Ti
SunSon29 Vor 3 Monate
@Joncon21 thanks. but this review says no, only 15~20%
Trigg3rHippie Vor 3 Monate
Gigabyte is finished in my book. Currently rocking their RTX2080 Windforce OC and the thermals are atrocious even after repasting and replacing the thermal pads. It's noisy, hot and the awful software adds insult to injury. No more Gigabyte. Gigabye!
Vasanth S
Vasanth S Vor 3 Monate
What about the capacitors, do they have the issue or not?
Laughing Man
Laughing Man Vor 3 Monate
Why does he use the soy wojack consooomer face in every thumbnail?
Vir Thakkar
Vir Thakkar Vor 3 Monate
Me: I am broke Asus: TUF luck
Magnitude Vor 3 Monate
this mess with the conductors is making the ASUS cards the best choice
Hayden Lee
Hayden Lee Vor 3 Monate
The 3080 right now is 3000$ on STOCK X
slipknot2k4 Vor 3 Monate
I’m sure by the time I’m able to see that buy button a 3080 super tournament edition will be out
Gustavo Rosales
Gustavo Rosales Vor 3 Monate
Is this the OC version or normal one?
Matthew Kalinowski
Matthew Kalinowski Vor 3 Monate
this is looking to be best AIB. this is the only one that doesn't crash.
Lystic Vor 2 Monate
@Coffee2Go Something I noticed with most new ASUS hardware: They use very high quality voltage regulators/transistors/electrical components. Nice.
Salad_Man Vor 3 Monate
The fe only has 2 mlccs
Austriahero3000 Vor 3 Monate
@Coffee2Go 60
Coffee2Go Vor 3 Monate
It doesnt crash cause it has 6x MCSS Transistors which all six are the best ones lol
Che anjas
Che anjas Vor 3 Monate
I want that shirt !!!
Abbott de las Alas
Abbott de las Alas Vor 3 Monate
just watched Jay' s vid regarding power delivery, then had to rewatch this review just to look at the capacitors. 😁 that card is a keeper Kyle. I wonder if Asus is in trouble with NVidia now.
Danny D
Danny D Vor 3 Monate
Hey, is this the TUF OC or non OC version? I got the non OC version and want to know if it has the good capacitors.
Sparhawk122 Vor 3 Monate
That was the non OC version.
Isaak Thiele
Isaak Thiele Vor 3 Monate
got this card hella hyped
Ben Vor 3 Monate
Is this the non OC version?
vityamba Vor 3 Monate
Do you know what capacitors are on it ?
jnetterr Vor 3 Monate
Just got one off Newegg! Now I’m not sure if I want to keep the 3090 FE or this
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