Did AMD just pull a big oof? | Awesome Hardware #0228

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TheDickster13 Vor 4 Monate
frontier is garbage worst company ever
dunastrig Vor 6 Monate
Daniel Vor 6 Monate
Is this available on Spotify??
Mork the Chicken
Mork the Chicken Vor 7 Monate
DEpost comment
Jonathan Francisco
Jonathan Francisco Vor 7 Monate
pauls video quality is like streaming from a space station lmao
GodBlessYou2008 Vor 7 Monate
I bought X570 last week. I hope I made the right decision..
Derek g
Derek g Vor 7 Monate
Idk what to do I've been saving for 2080ti I have no computer right now idk if I should buy the 2080ti or wait till Sept or longer for 3080ti plus I was gunna do either Intel 10900k or amd zen 2 3900x but now 3080 is coming out soon and 4000 series idk what to do
Derek g
Derek g Vor 7 Monate
Sli yeah 1 card; is 1200 min can't even afford one
Bill Bird
Bill Bird Vor 7 Monate
You are way too quiet
Steve Stewart
Steve Stewart Vor 8 Monate
B550 prices???
Fairladyz Vor 8 Monate
Just wanted to say that I’ve been following Moore’s law is dead since he only had around 4k subs. His personal analyses are interesting and he will end up being next to Adored if he keeps going as strong as he is.
Rok Ljubi
Rok Ljubi Vor 8 Monate
Why is only AMD being attacked for stopping old motherboard's support on new cpus (4000), when intel 10th generation won't be supported by available motherboard's at the moment?
Legendary Blaze
Legendary Blaze Vor 8 Monate
+Bitwit instead of using trash Google hangouts you should use Skype or Facebook Call.
Legendary Blaze
Legendary Blaze Vor 8 Monate
+Bitwit, Paul's Hardware is not in focus at all, also he should just be in another room of your house or 10 feet away, please do not lower the quality due to the Covid 19 at all. You are in focus and in high quality, but Paul is not.
Joe Dunderdale
Joe Dunderdale Vor 8 Monate
I think People need to Cut AMD a break, Ive Just bought a 3700X and a 470 board I really not too worried I bought this system knowing im not gonna upgrade in a while, and when I do Ill expect I will need a new motherboard and Processor, So calm down people :)
i'm no expert
i'm no expert Vor 8 Monate
just buy a chip and put in a board and stop crying jfc
Rabindranath Luna Ríos
Rabindranath Luna Ríos Vor 8 Monate
@bitwit which headphones are those?! They look good
Brian S.
Brian S. Vor 8 Monate
@Paul I think the 4700g will be compatible with b450 board. APU's tend to be 1000 higher than non igp CPU's so it should be Zen 2 compatible.
Weekend-Street Vor 8 Monate
It doesn't bother me as much as others maybe...don't need an upgrade on a 3600 for quite some time. But it is bad they would state AM4 would be supported Through 2020, and just now releasing b550 boards too. They did an intel but still not near as bad as intel.
kilner79 Vor 8 Monate
this is the 10900k that every one is basing the heat of the cpu test off its the lenovo 9000 blade this pc was runnign furmark on a rtx 2080 aswell as aida64 at the same time please understand the amount of heat that 2080 will make inside the case and most of that heat will exit thru the AIO as the aio is not sucking cold air in but rather used as an exhaust the heat froim inside the case will be heatsoaking the loop i would love to see inside case temp ambiant temps with just furmark running and i would liek to see a cpu only aida64 without the gfx car heating up teh inside of the case people are taking this way out of context and the fact is teh cooling soloution is not setup very good imo
AmpEdition Vor 8 Monate
It's a sad excuse from board manufacturers, just put a bigger chip on the MB for bios...its all about sales. If I had known this would be an issue I would have went x570 instead of my b450, but it's going to happen to people who bought x570 because the socket is going to end and go AM5 in 1.5 years? It's a dead end..
deenycest10710 Vor 8 Monate
When you do gaming benchmarks, do you use an AMD cpu? If no, then intel isn't the underdog.
KMPuter Tech Supplies
KMPuter Tech Supplies Vor 8 Monate
Hey Paul. @ 27:34 you spoke about people who purchased X370 motherboards 1) You are wrong. People did not purchase with the EXPECTATION. That is what was advertised at first in Sep 2016. AMD has been continuously changing what they said about support for Zen3 on AM4. Saying Zen3 is supported on AM4 but only on 500 series motherboards means that AM4 does NOT support Zen3. 500 series motherboards support Zen3. 2) Products were not talked about? AMD had a slide with AM4 supporting ZEN gen 1 - 3 THROUGH 2020 since 2016. Its not the public's fault if AMD claimed this without testing at first. Also it is common to have samples in labs for testing WAY before launch date. You know this. Paul you failed so miserably here.
QuantumBraced Vor 8 Monate
So the DGXA100 has ~5 petaflops of performance = 5000 teraflops. A 2080 Ti has 14.2 teraflops. So the DGXA100 has roughly 352 2080 Tis worth of computational power in each unit, which works out to about $568 per 2080 Ti. However, there's obviously NVLink chips and circuitry, networking, power and cooling, but let's say that roughly offsets the discount you get from buying so many chips. What this means is that the A100 probably has about 35-40% more performance than the TU102. So we'll probably see a A102-based 3080 Ti for about $1000 again...
CautiousPanda Vor 8 Monate
I wish you also made a compilation of all the main things you talk about and the main info for those who dont have time to watch the whole thing
Gavin Revitt
Gavin Revitt Vor 8 Monate
Playing devil's advocate on the AMD upgrade matter, in all fairness to the invited criticism, when Intel was leader we were in a situation when it seemed they were changing platforms almost every release. in real terms, dodgy phrasing notwithstanding (which I agree they should take heat for) I think we've had a pretty good run.
Gavin Revitt
Gavin Revitt Vor 8 Monate
@Jaron Marles Indeed! Props to them! You don't expect that from companies of such scale do you..
Jaron Marles
Jaron Marles Vor 8 Monate
@Gavin Revitt Apparently it did something, cause AMD themselves said they'll try to find middle ground due to backlash.
Gavin Revitt
Gavin Revitt Vor 8 Monate
@Jaron Marles Whinge away then.. it changes nothing. I wasn't seeking to invalidate anything, just bring a little reason to something that has drawn far too much ire in the grand scheme of things.
Jaron Marles
Jaron Marles Vor 8 Monate
@Gavin Revitt All of that filler, and none of it invalidates the point.
Gavin Revitt
Gavin Revitt Vor 8 Monate
@Jaron Marles It's rough on those who have just set themselves up on the bleeding edge of the AM4 platform I agree. Nevertheless I still think it's been a fair run. Fair and unfair to the user alike let's not forget that all these guys are pushing the scale envelope. Once we hit the true nanotechnology of 1nM things will really have to get creative to improve upon that, and who knows what they may find they have to deal with in engineering terms between now and then. I know a change in cpu socket and board design isn't necessarily synonymous with physics, and a lot can be criticised in the boardroom - I'd be the first to go there, but let's not also forget to pay respect to the engineers. If they need something to change then that's probably the way it has to be. You also realistically have to take a step back and think how often it's really necessary to change your PC. I run a 1st gen 1600 Ryzen and I don't feel hemmed in by it or sense my computing power being compromised. I don't know if I'll ever go through the full possible upgrade path. More likely I'll end up making another multi-generational leap, as will probably a lot more users and that usually calls for a CPU and MB upgrade. I get that it's crap for those who have just landed in the AM4 pond at the top end, but again you have to agree that to do so at this point was realistically always going to result in this situation within an 8-12 month tolerance, whether AMD's final word was a change of form at the end, or in, 2020.
QuantumBraced Vor 8 Monate
25:10 If you look at this graph, you'll see AMD only retains motherboard compatibility with 2 CPU generations forward, so they're not that different from Intel in that regard.
Jaron Marles
Jaron Marles Vor 8 Monate
Still different, and it's partially why sales were so high. It's a better move to keep the trend going, especially when the majority of mobo sales are the B450 for AMD.
James Mero
James Mero Vor 8 Monate
Paul using his security cam.. weird flex bro..
Mr11ESSE111 Vor 8 Monate
dont bullshits about zen3 now!! wtf you expect that they will be 10+ years on one motherboard while Intel change every year mobos for basically same cpu-s but with other names!! it is more important now that AMD support for r3 3100/3300x are shitty on lower mobos and you make tests on x570 and that is stupid as fak!! who the fak will spend fortune on x570 to buy then 100-120$ cpu-s?? basically nobody ., si a320/b350 suport r5 3600/3700x/3900x even 3950x but "somehow " not shitty 3100/3300x
seanm1281 Vor 8 Monate
But isn't AMD coming out with AM5 next year? Aren't these higher end AM4 boards now limited to just being useful for 4000 series chips and be themselves obsolete in less than a year?
M4RZY Vor 8 Monate
Processor AMD Ryzen 3 3200G Processor €119.99 Motherboard ASUS TUF B450M-PLUS GAMING AM4 Motherboard €119.99 Memory CORSAIR Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400 MHz PC RAM - 4 GB x 2 €89.99 Graphic card ASUS GeForce GT 1030 2 GB Phoenix Graphics Card €109.99 Internal data WD Mainstream 3.5” Internal Hard Drive - 3 TB €119.99 Case CORSAIR Carbide Series SPEC-DELTA RGB Mid-Tower ATX PC Case €79.99 Power supply ADX Power W850 Modular ATX PSU - 850 W €99.99 SAMSUNG 970 Evo Plus M.2 Internal SSD - 250 GB 109.99
mechanikjoe Vor 8 Monate
I bought my X570 a couple of weeks ago based mostly on upgradeability and boy am I glad I did. I figured have the pcie 4.0 was nice, and in a few years maybe I would do some big upgrades.
BC-MasterKush-QC Vor 8 Monate
"Keep your shirt on sparky"!
stylius Vor 8 Monate
Should we keep calling it GPU? Unless that is short for General Processing Unit... I doubt this would output any graphics, it is entirely for compute purposes.
zeveroare R
zeveroare R Vor 8 Monate
I have an X570, because I wanted that. I don't think AMD did something wrong here. I mean, they can't really help it tbh.
Jaron Marles
Jaron Marles Vor 8 Monate
The hell they can't
Nicolas Chapados Girard
Nicolas Chapados Girard Vor 8 Monate
generic comment for algorithme F
WTF To Late!
WTF To Late! Vor 8 Monate
Paul's video is blurry!
The Occupator
The Occupator Vor 8 Monate
Who here when DEpost was down?
Ole Vor 8 Monate
The 5.3 GHz thermal velocity boost will be great for my every-day single-core Excel workloads. Less then 70 C? Easily.
SC00BY225 Vor 8 Monate
I'm not over-reacting but I upgraded my system 2 weeks ago with an X470 and a 2600 cpu ( whilst the tech press were under embargo by AMD as to this news ). I picked my parts based on price and availability. BTW my X470 is an MSI Max board with the larger Bios rom. I only picked a cheaper 2600 thinking I could skip a generation and upgrade to 4xxx maybe in a year or two. So am I pissed off ? YUP. Don't have buyers remorse as I bought what I could at a price I could afford and I guess I could get a top 3xxx chip in another year or so but still feel burned by AMD !
Jeffrey Bozko
Jeffrey Bozko Vor 8 Monate
So cool to see father and son doing what they both love together.
Marc Juice
Marc Juice Vor 8 Monate
1hr video with no ads = RESPECT ✊🏻
Stanimir Rankovski
Stanimir Rankovski Vor 8 Monate
Ask how LIEnus how they do the WAN show. His and Lukes cams look perfect.
Cheesy The Gamer
Cheesy The Gamer Vor 8 Monate
Me with my i7 8700k waiting for them to come back: *My time has come*
ThiccPeter Vor 8 Monate
hey comment folks. i have an asus rog strix b450f mobo and will have my final piece being a ryzen 9 3900x tomorrow. I should be ok with this set up right? i know i could have done better on a mobo but in the budget its what i fit and thoughts or comments or help here with just knowledge in general i guess
Mario S
Mario S Vor 8 Monate
There's a great used market I'll just sell off and upgrade.
DaveModer Vor 8 Monate
It is not fun to watch. Paul is out of focus, and unsharp. My eyes hurts 😥
Patrik the swede
Patrik the swede Vor 8 Monate
@bitvit check out Moors law . He has good vids and analasys of The tech industri.
Hugo Pedraza
Hugo Pedraza Vor 8 Monate
48:22 Paul realizes, he can't upgrade his surveillance camera pc with new 4700g, LMAO...
Martin Jørgensen
Martin Jørgensen Vor 8 Monate
AMD needs to rethink this or they will lose a lot of customers, might aswell buy intel, atleast we know how they operate.
billy bob bob
billy bob bob Vor 8 Monate
Frijin Vor 8 Monate
Glad i went X570, now the crying from B450 owners is hilarious. They think going cheap b450 gives them same perks as expensive X570. Besides B450 is now what 2-3 year old tech so it had to have some limits. This is nothing compared to Intel.
Andres Rojas
Andres Rojas Vor 8 Monate
How about x470? Or b450 max?
Kevin M
Kevin M Vor 8 Monate
What headset was Kyle wearing in this vid?
jarod atkinson
jarod atkinson Vor 8 Monate
Lol... Fat tire was my gateway beer too Kyle... now I lick bar room floors after closing, I'm so addicted... They don't like it...
Chuck Ene
Chuck Ene Vor 8 Monate
Do you have a video that shows off the best pc build? like if you had a million dollars to spend on pc parts what parts would you get? I am only in high school and I just got into pc building and i want to make the right choices for my first pc
Chuck Ene
Chuck Ene Vor 8 Monate
if anyone could help me out that would be great
Pc ColdWar
Pc ColdWar Vor 8 Monate
i personnally only see the igpu could potentially be interesting if amd could build it to levrage extra performance to already existing dicret gpu for both productivity(like for intel) and gaming that would make it interesting for exemple the 8 core allow ray tracing on it removing the burnden from the discret gpu that's would make it far more relevant than only been useful for trouble shooting and removing from the core reserve of extra power (less good clock)are to be expected whit same process giving a certain package limit tdp.
St1ckyJesus Vor 8 Monate
So happy I went with a x570 on my build 6 months ago. Saw this coming
Zaneth Zarareth
Zaneth Zarareth Vor 3 Monate
I literally just bought a b550 board and hadn't came across the news regarding the cut off for next gen support. I'm glad I bought a supported motherboard.
Bruno Ribeiro
Bruno Ribeiro Vor 8 Monate
use discord for video chat it works with all cams
derk anderson
derk anderson Vor 8 Monate
im sure there will be hacked bios just give it time
Christie Malry
Christie Malry Vor 8 Monate
tick, tock? you mean tick, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock
derk anderson
derk anderson Vor 8 Monate
i say its all the youtubes fault showing us how to build and good amd build with the b450 and saying look at all the up grade paths we have but you cant just blame it all on the youtubes ether its are fault for no doing more research
GOD Vor 8 Monate
I think it will be cheaper than the 2080 ti. They are really going to have to compete with big navi. I've also heard they are using Samsung chips in Nvidia gpus instead of the Taiwanese company they used to use since that company is supplying and primarily. The Samsung chip is cheaper.
Mr B
Mr B Vor 8 Monate
Amd . Mad , Dam , what do these words have in common
Guy Jordan
Guy Jordan Vor 8 Monate
Who the heck is Jensen? Wifeysauce's cousin? Postman? Something.
GPStuntMan Vor 8 Monate
Lol all these AMD fans pissed about no ryzen 4 support for older boards. But where else they gonna buy cheap cpus from? They should think about how much money they have saved by not having buy a new mobo every other year like Intel customers. Do da math!
RockNRolla JohnnyQuid
RockNRolla JohnnyQuid Vor 8 Monate
Sooo will a X570 or B550 board be obsolete next year for zen4
lantern214 Vor 8 Monate
x570 and B550 will work. Everything else is shafted
Cameron Willis
Cameron Willis Vor 8 Monate
Paul - that could be first floor kitchen and stairs down to the lake side “beach house”!
Wetosi Vor 8 Monate
Guys! I need your help! Please tell me who Joe is!
EXO 2xii
EXO 2xii Vor 8 Monate
dese guys so stoned xd
GPStuntMan Vor 8 Monate
His leather oven mitts are on backorder. No one available to process the cows. Lol
Oisin Gilligan
Oisin Gilligan Vor 8 Monate
Do a $500 full amd build
GPStuntMan Vor 8 Monate
Nvidia sales must be down. Jensen did not display a new leather jacket. Lol or maybe cotton is the new leather?
GPStuntMan Vor 8 Monate
Sli cooking! Without support! Lmao!
7828191 Vor 8 Monate
Zen 3 can be made available on almost all B450 and X470 boards without much work, just a minor bios update is all it takes. Almost all B450 and X470 boards have larger than needed bios memory for this, so no reason for AMD to do this shitty move to B450 and X470 owners. I bought my ASUS X470 Prime Pro board new last summer and a 3600x as well, the board worked with Zen2 right out of the box and even supported PCIE4, but that support was of course removed with a couple of bios updates later. But the performance improved, this board in perticular can easily be updated to support Zen3 it has a larger bios than needed amo. I choose this board back in 2019 because i wanted a higher end board that did not cost that much and i liked the design and the specs of this X470 board, and it would support Zen2 out of the box and also Zen3 later, and it was alot cheaper than the X570 version so i though it was a great deal. I mean i did not need PCIE4 so why would i spend 80% more on a motherboard than i need to, to get really nothing for the money. AMD needs to make this right and support B450 and X470 with ZEN3 there is no excuse not to.
nc0gneto Vor 8 Monate
Stop being a cheapskate, your bitching for the sole purpose of being able to bitch. Users that bought a b450/x470 board had 2-3 years of service life and three generations of CPU's to use. Users that purchased 300 series boards gimmee a break. Dumbass's that bought a 450/x470 board recently and a 3000 series CPU with the intent to upgrade in less than a year? WTF? You have no problem upgrading your CPU every year at a cost of $300-$800, but your crying about a new MOBO? Any amount of common sense would have predicated you purchased a x570 board. If you can show me one announcement where AMD explicitly said they would support Ryzen 3 on 400 series board I will withdraw my comments. But guess what? You can't dumbass.
Imploder24 Vor 8 Monate
Hi Bitwit, I am brand new to the PC building world and saw that you do a lot of build react videos among other things. So I wanted to see if you could make a PC build list for me? I don't really have a budget yet but definitely don't want to go over £1,500. I know your busy but I hope you get to read this message! Thanks, Imploder24
Arminecraft Vor 8 Monate
I couldnt stop laughing throughout the show.
Kevin Rebuilds
Kevin Rebuilds Vor 8 Monate
Paul needs to be a goatee model!
IA Vor 8 Monate
A 1600AF-like refresh of 3800 and/or 3900 would kind of make this whole 400 mobos thing moot.
seliasthemage Vor 8 Monate
What, I thought you guys were sitting side by side. Lol.
James Ditto
James Ditto Vor 8 Monate
The saying is "I couldn't care less" If you could care less, then you care.....
Jaron Marles
Jaron Marles Vor 8 Monate
@James Ditto You could just say I don't care then. Saying you couldn't care less implies that you do care in a slight amount.
James Ditto
James Ditto Vor 8 Monate
@Jaron Marles No, that means, you care so so little, that there is no care left to not care. You CAN'T care any less. No care.
Jaron Marles
Jaron Marles Vor 8 Monate
But that means you care a little bit.
InfinityPCs Vor 8 Monate
He has the kitchens in SLi....
TanganyikanLife Vor 8 Monate
If you guys are going to use Toms's content you should at least link Mores Law is Dead in your description. He has put a significant amount of work into cultivating sources and you are directly referencing his video. And if you're going to use his content you should at least do the minimum research about the guy.
TheDarthTux Vor 8 Monate
Re: RTX 3080ti, personally don't expect prices to come down if Nvidia release before AMD. Also given that Nvidia have now completely and rightly removed the Titan GPUs from the reach of most sensible gamers, it only makes sense that they would have a gamer class card in the $1500 price range. And honestly, if the RTX 3060 is comparable to the RTX 2080 Super as the leaks suggest, there is absolutely no reason for any PC gamer to be buying the RTX 3080 or RTX 3080ti unless they are gaming at 4K which 99% of PC gamers are not. In fact, 70% of PC gamers should not even be looking at the RTX 2080ti or RTX 2080 to begin with because they are gaming at 1080p. These GPUs are not meant for them. As for the AM4 stuff, not really sure what the issue is. After seeing all the craziness that went into getting Zen 2 working on older MBs and AMD changing the Threadripper socket, to handle the changes to the CPU, it was inevitable Zen 3 would probably not support older MBs and PCIe Gen 4 is going to be the standard now. In fact, one of the things people were complaining about with X570 was the chipset fan. And again going back the RTX 3080ti rumor, Ampere is meant to be PCIe Gen 4, the consoles are PCIe gen 4, everything except Intel is PCIe gen 4. The PS5 presentation was talking about 7gb/s SSDs on PCIe gen 4. Yes it hurts if you went for B/X400 and B/X300 MBs but the fact is standards have changed and using those MBs will ultimately limit the performance possible on the Zen 2 and Zen 3 CPUs. Would even argue that it was not even known let alone guaranteed this time last year that Zen 3 was going to be on AM4. I personally expected Zen 2 to be the last AM4 CPU. I think people need to be more reasonable and forward looking about the changes. AMD wants to have the best products out there, Intel still has the fasted gaming CPUs even if they are pointless in the average use case, but AMD would want to take that crown as well as push innovation and be taken more seriously by AIBs and laptop and MB manufacturers. If keeping backwards compatibility with MBs older than the B/X500s stops that from happening, then there is no reason for them not to. I remember, i think GamersNexus, saying that PCIe gen 4 was not needed that PCIe gen 3 was not even near being saturated. And while that may have been true last year, the next gen consoles will make huge use of the extra bandwidth PCIe gen 4 gives, Sony and Microsoft have indicated as much. The PS5 is going to be using HBCC over VRAM, System RAM and SSD (all features I might remind people AMD introduced in the Vega 10 and Radeon Pro SSG GPUs that reviewers being short sighted with their DX11 heavy reviews said was useless and offered nothing). This is why Sony spent a huge amount of money on developing the PS5 SSD and will be curating compatible high speed PCIe gen 4 SSDs. The RTX 3080ti leaks also spoke about Nvidia introducing its own version of HBCC just as they introduced their own version of Rapid Packed Math in Volta and Turing and called Tensor-cores and RT-cores. And it's not just about load times, but smooth and more efficient data transfer especially with games moving to Vulkan and DX12 which make use of the bandwidth. So, the issue is not so much AMD telling a lie about AM4 support of CPUs, but rather, the issue is people need to start learning more about the underlying technology features and engineering behind the CPU and GPU architectures, where the technology is going and how these architectures are/have changed or evolved far beyond what those older AM4 MBs can handle effectively. At some point there is just no point trying to accommodate these MBs if it hurts your newer products. It is the same reason consoles may finally surpass PCs for the first time in decades with the XBox Series X and PS5. Why? Because these consoles will cost $500-$600 have features PCs at that price point will not and be more than capable of native 4K/60fps in all titles and ray traced. And why is this? Because PC gaming obsession with having 70billion frames per second running at 1080p or 1440p have held back pushing for more and cheaper 4K and high visual fidelity as PC gamers have wasted money and encouraged higher prices on GPUs and CPUs they really don't need because of their obsession with fps. Now AM4 support and saving money is a concern? Please!! people should also remember that Zen 4 is probably coming out in 2021 or 2022 and that will probably not be on AM4 or used DDR4. So either way a will need a new chipset. So either way they will have to buy new MBs. They either just wait for Zen 4 or jump in on X570/D550 is they really feel the need to have Zen 3, which as like I said with the RTX 2080(ti), they don't need. And this again explains why prices are going up. No one needs to upgrade their PCs each year, companies don't do this the average PC user or PC gamer doesn't need to. But they do and get burned over and over again rather than being more forward looking and holding their parts for the same 5year upgrade window consoles have.
__Dudewitagun __
__Dudewitagun __ Vor 8 Monate
I think if AMD adds integrated graphics they will make a huge gain in corporate environments. I know some older IT guys still think u need to buy cheap gpus for displays but Intels IGPUs work well. I agree that most ppl buying have discrete cards anyway but IGPU is a good idea.
pool Boy
pool Boy Vor 8 Monate
I did not like beer until I tasted Sam Adams. Fat Tire is one of my faves.
Dennis Rigdon
Dennis Rigdon Vor 8 Monate
Kyle your audio is painfully quiet..
Daniel Redziniak
Daniel Redziniak Vor 8 Monate
People really bitch about this? More consumer friendly than intel. That’s all that matters
Dennis Rigdon
Dennis Rigdon Vor 8 Monate
Future reference discord has video calls, haven't tried it but I bet it's more stable than Google hangs ups
__Dudewitagun __
__Dudewitagun __ Vor 8 Monate
Yeah exactly people are acting way too entitled. They should be grateful that AMD paved the way for higher core counts at affordable prices. Sure you're inconvenienced a little bit but they didn't double cross anyone.
LuckyScrewdriver Vor 8 Monate
Its a podcast.
Jay Vor 8 Monate
To be fair, AMD said they will have socket compatibility through 2020, not Chipset....
Majestic13 Vor 8 Monate
While people are arguing and making drama about AMD new chipset, Im still on i5-4460 + R9 290. Im gonna go for B550 + Zen3 + RTX3000 or RDNA2
korey mcintire
korey mcintire Vor 8 Monate
HOW DARE you be hopeful!
Roshan Halappanavar
Roshan Halappanavar Vor 8 Monate
Guys where is the archived stream in twitch?
Roshan Halappanavar
Roshan Halappanavar Vor 8 Monate
episode 228 is missing there :(
realityy. Vor 8 Monate
make a video on the intel 10th gen please thet finally have 8/16 for the I7 and 10/20 with the i9
Victor Shane
Victor Shane Vor 8 Monate
Oh no, my mobo won't support the latest and greatest. Honestly I dont care. Just upgraded from e5 1600x to r7 3700x with prime x370... just fine. Next time when I purchase new cpu its going to happen in 2023 ...
Plays NTraffic
Plays NTraffic Vor 8 Monate
Wait....are neither of you using a real mic??? How??? Also, Fat Tire was my first beer, unless you count the sip of Budweiser I drank when I was like 5.
DimmosGeeknd Vor 8 Monate
got a x570 aorus pro for 160 before CV19
xlovermanx Vor 8 Monate
the fact that they are just now locking future support means they dont have to worry about older motherboard and if you buy a cpu anyway you should buy a new motherboard too
Dan Simms
Dan Simms Vor 8 Monate
I really do not understand why people are so mad. Intel is more than 2x as worse, it has way less support. How did people not see this coming after the release of PCI gen4?
Golgotha Gaming
Golgotha Gaming Vor 8 Monate
I got lucky and just built my pc so I was able to return my b450 and get an x570
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