I built my own Xbox Series X

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Consoles may be more convenient and have lower up front costs than equivalent gaming PCs, but the benefits of the PC platform are still tremendous. Let's build a console-sized system to celebrate!
Here's a PCPartPicker List for a $1,000 version of the build with identical gaming performance: pcpartpicker.com/list/cv2fDx
Recommended parts for the build:
Silverstone SG13B: geni.us/jnQV5AA
AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AF: geni.us/OhmqeAz
Gigabyte B450-I Aorus Pro WiFi: geni.us/Ex3VC4t
Noctua NH-L9a: geni.us/C3gbUOm
G.Skill Ripjaws V (2x8GB) DDR4-3600: geni.us/4Js0dRd
TeamGroup GX1 960GB 2.5": geni.us/aJQE
Zotac GeForce RTX 2070 Super Mini: geni.us/jPEp
Corsair SF600: geni.us/Tz3KPA
Fractal Design GP-14: geni.us/3NA4ly
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Did I just kill the Xbox Series X?


jaivier 12kill
jaivier 12kill Vor 6 Stunden
😂😂 he was left alone for too long some one help him hes making voices already. 😂😂 🥳
Ciaran McKenzie
Ciaran McKenzie Vor 6 Stunden
those big Chungis wires of that power supply
Cheater Luvs U
Cheater Luvs U Vor 21 Stunde
Im never gonna look at bitwit the same after the intro
Kodi Android
Kodi Android Vor 22 Stunden
Am I the only person who wouldn't trust that near my balls (manscaped)?
I Vor Tag
The ball jokes are hilarious
Zazzy Vor Tag
the fact that it already had some hair on it when he first showed it I died
Micah Tonnessen
Micah Tonnessen Vor 2 Tage
why did you choose to show that sponsor you know children watch ur channel right
pokysix Vor 2 Tage
double price the same power
SpyrosRai Vor 2 Tage
the thing is, it's twice the price
dat1dood Vor 2 Tage
1:33 this mans actually funny lmfao
Neyo Saechao
Neyo Saechao Vor 2 Tage
75 is still a lot for a pc like that
Soy Vor 3 Tage
are you drunk in this video?
r3dslimedude wow
r3dslimedude wow Vor 3 Tage
I'm only twelve but I would like one of those razors...
TheBananaPeel Vor 3 Tage
Kevin Vor 4 Tage
Haha, great sponsor ‘bit’ about your bits
Jason Jordan
Jason Jordan Vor 4 Tage
Jayden Vor 5 Tage
'i built my ownxbox series X' just costs 500$ more
shino Vor 5 Tage
this is like watching twomad building a pc
NokZu Vor 6 Tage
Omfg lmfao!!! The manscaped sponsor!! Im deadd!!!! ☠😂😂😂😂
Swazy_ Vibez
Swazy_ Vibez Vor 7 Tage
I light just convinced my dad to buy a lawnmower with that add it comes in next week
Cod Killer
Cod Killer Vor 7 Tage
WTF was that sponsor!
Spango Vor 7 Tage
Hype didn’t age to well
Equity Vor 8 Tage
microsoft: bruh
The Gamer
The Gamer Vor 8 Tage
I don’t even have custom watercooling on my pc and I get 45 degrees max on my cpu even when gaming
The Gamer
The Gamer Vor 6 Tage
@Vlad I have an intel i5 4690k and I play warzone, fortnite, Microsoft flight sim 2020 and minecraft with shaders
Vlad Vor 6 Tage
What cpu do u have and what games do u play
Orion Vor 9 Tage
Benefits: its a PC 😂
RicardoNL Vor 9 Tage
is this a good build for minecraft 1tb harddrive geforce 1030ddr5 550watt psu Asus PRIME B460M-K - Moederbord Intel Core i5-10400F - Processor?
toxic Wappla
toxic Wappla Vor 10 Tage
I’m liking just for the add XD
Mr Magmind
Mr Magmind Vor 10 Tage
my hairs down stairs like this item lmfao
jamee doger
jamee doger Vor 11 Tage
Ah yes, it was a fridge but now it’s a microwave
Sickø Vor 11 Tage
Bruh he left one of his pubes on the manscaped thing
Iverstan Vor 11 Tage
"It features low vibration so your wife doesn't steal it" LMAO
Shadow Storm
Shadow Storm Vor 11 Tage
Matthew Pepper
Matthew Pepper Vor 11 Tage
It’s how the manscaped sponsorship was better than the actual video
Virtuoso Vor 14 Tage
Hehe you're funny.
Daniel Bob
Daniel Bob Vor 14 Tage
Funny guy. Good video
Ruger19 Vor 15 Tage
It’s December and this build is now $1800😐
Nick Saulpaugh
Nick Saulpaugh Vor 16 Tage
what game is he playing for the bench mark?
SkeletonMan Vor 11 Tage
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Alex Vor 16 Tage
I have never seen this side of this dude
I’m a white Dog
I’m a white Dog Vor 16 Tage
Am I the only one who was thinking he sounded like Micheal from the office?
BoogieDownProduction Vor 20 Tage
Two protips for the SG13 case. Use a SFX PSU bracket that puts it towards the top of the case vs putting it in the middle - this gives you alittle extra clearance. Second thing - if you're using a SFX PSU you can remove the ATX PSU support bracket on the side of the case, replace with a 92mm exhaust fan (I use noctua) - lines right up with the side holes of the case. That side fan will really help the hot air from building up in the case. Also a good idea to use a 120mm AIO (140mm cuts down on your GPU space).
BoogieDownProduction Vor 18 Tage
@James Quionha I would suggest trying an AIO. The 3600 is going to show higher temps than my 1600 because the die shrink, my friend with a 3600 also gets higher temps. The temps went down when he bought a tower style 120mm fan, the stock fan was horrible (which I would guess the L9 is similar). I use typhoon 120mm fans on the radiator (push/pull - not sure how much the extra fan helps though) but you want a high static pressure fan, you can also look for a high static pressure noctua fans as well. Add the 92mm noctua fan on the side as I suggested and I think you will be good to go.
James Quionha
James Quionha Vor 19 Tage
I did exactly the same build that is on the video, except for the CPU witch is a ryzen 3600 but I’m having a problem with temperatures. My ryzen on games is around 85 95. Could you please help me? Do you have any idea what’s going on? The power supply is a SFX and the CPU cooler is a noctua L9 and also I put a 140mm at the front noctua as well.
SheLustOnMe Vor 21 Tag
Yout wife would still steal it prob
John Pirolo
John Pirolo Vor 22 Tage
ummmm 80 dollar cpu and 700 dollar gpu
Ted Winchurch
Ted Winchurch Vor 23 Tage
Seen alot of manscaped adds in DEpost vids.... hand downs, you smashed them all lol
BuncGaming Vor 24 Tage
Now you can upgrade that gpu too a rtx 3060 ti if you wanted too
SpectrumDD Vor 24 Tage
you say more adult jokes than any other person making a video
Alank Gaming
Alank Gaming Vor 25 Tage
When the Xbox series x is cheaper and more powerful than this pc
Aditya Dutta
Aditya Dutta Vor 25 Tage
Will the Zotac RTX 2070 Super mini be left out on performance to normal RTX 2070 Supers?
Bjorn Veldhuis
Bjorn Veldhuis Vor 25 Tage
Spoilers its 500
Beau Franks
Beau Franks Vor 25 Tage
I built this and it lags no matter what during gaming sometimes first game sometimes after 4-5 games within an hour or so . Any idea what could fix it ?
CrazyPuppetAndPlush Vor 26 Tage
“Do what’s besties for your testies” -BitWit 2020
BuncGaming Vor 27 Tage
Best part of the video 0:40
TyTygamez Vor 27 Tage
The series x has 12 teraflops but for pc for example 3080 has 29 teraflops
SkeletonMan Vor 11 Tage
teraflops aren't a good way to measure performance
john luke
john luke Vor 28 Tage
I'm not sure if I watch there videos for the comedy or for the hardware porn
black lab 007
black lab 007 Vor 28 Tage
try watching this and not laughing 1:19
Jasjeet Singh
Jasjeet Singh Vor 28 Tage
Lol the xbox series x is $2k
EL Barto 666
EL Barto 666 Vor 28 Tage
Can I buy PCs from you? Because I would be very interested, but you have to send it to Germany!
Only1gamer310 Vor 29 Tage
those words those damn words
I Eat Babies
I Eat Babies Vor Monat
and dont forget that the series x has locked frames
Andrei James Coles
Andrei James Coles Vor Monat
it is faster than ur pc fabs. me:Yeas, i have a 1000+ rpm fan ,but whatever man
Fehnik Vor Monat
Thanks to scalpers, all of these components are well over $2,500 :(
ak 999
ak 999 Vor Monat
you call this a xbox yeah sure
• Izuku •
• Izuku • Vor Monat
Tech teacher: we will be making and fixing computers. Bitwit: you wanna see some real speed bitch? This is real speed! *makes a gaming pc with led lights unlimited battery no virus less lag and connects to the best network for guaranteed good gaming.* Edit: 6:29 EGUUHEMUHEMUUE So much edits.. 12:19 *and i just wanna stick it in!* that sounds wrong..
David Sitter
David Sitter Vor Monat
Bitwit at the time of making this video: "Let's say hypothetically the series x costs $1000" Xbox series x cost since you can't get them at stores anywhere: $1000-$1400.
Lucidity Vor Monat
That sales pitch got you a subscriber
Hikari Nogami
Hikari Nogami Vor Monat
Its price is now 1000$ thanks to scalpers
Honkity Vor Monat
Just get a power block and BOoM the cpu finally loved you again
Aidan Miller
Aidan Miller Vor Monat
"i wish it had rgb tho" *Thomas had seen everything, it was time to go home*
meatpie Vor Monat
I just discovered Bitwit this week. I went by his "the only pc you should build right now" video which took into account all of the GPU/PSU shortages going on. I've been watching your vids for two weeks and am just realizing you're like, legitimately a comedian. the 'low vibration' line KILLED me
A wondering O'Neil
A wondering O'Neil Vor Monat
Lol, spent 280 quid on upgrading a bare bones prebuild from a relative and it still out performs all consoles.
The D
The D Vor Monat
I went with a smaller GPU for more breathing room CPU: ...
knowvoid Vor Monat
You can cross out emulation, backwards compatibility and great deals on games. They both have those. Maybe if you were talking about a Playstation that would all be completely true. Also try to make it $500 to compete with Xbox.
MewShifter Vor Monat
10:30 600 650 , headroom for upgrade. this did not age well at all the new gpus want 750 or higher lol
MewShifter Vor Monat
only been 8 months
Corbin Shelton
Corbin Shelton Vor Monat
right. i won’t look at those scissors the same
BedmanMemez Vor Monat
At 16:49 is that a wraith stealth or wraith spire
EL Barto 666
EL Barto 666 Vor Monat
Now please a version that costs only 45% less, but with the same performance.
Kay Bürcky
Kay Bürcky Vor Monat
If you'd have turned around the CPU fan there Temperatures would've been sick AF. Bc the PSU would help pumping all the hot air out.
BlayzeShot Gaming
BlayzeShot Gaming Vor Monat
I love these small builds man but yea temps r ugly lol. I’m doing a build in an Xbox and I’m deff using that low profile noctua cooler as well. I hope it works
Failedpuberty6x Vor Monat
I just listened to 7 different people coming from one person. Entertaining sir. Entertaining. Filled my YT quota for the day.
NOAH HAY Vor Monat
At least I don’t have toothpaste cables
EL Barto 666
EL Barto 666 Vor Monat
I think so it's the only logical alternative to get an Xbox at all, somehow, somewhere, someday.
EL Barto 666
EL Barto 666 Vor Monat
Problematic Animation Inc.
Problematic Animation Inc. Vor Monat
lol i dont see why console junkies bash on pc players sometimes like bro i would rather not be locked into something i cant upgrade lol simple as that.
Rxceyy Vor Monat
Before things get more hairier Thats what she said Jk
Cancerous Nut
Cancerous Nut Vor Monat
Remember kids. This is an rtx 2070 super, an extremely powerful card for its size and price. This will last you a long long time. It can run actual 4K, and not upscaled 1080p like the XSx
Pet stone, from back in the days
Pet stone, from back in the days Vor Monat
I came to this video solely to read the outdated 'IT'S STILL LESS POWERFUL THAN THE NEW CONSOLES PCS SUCK' comments. karma's a bitch ain't it?
Pet stone, from back in the days
Pet stone, from back in the days Vor Monat
@Cancerous Nut Those 12 Tflops are changing the game, man. Tflops will take us to Mars.
Cancerous Nut
Cancerous Nut Vor Monat
@Pet stone, from back in the days And it’s even funnier when they say that because we don’t have their proprietary hardware, we’re “inferior” and we’re just mad we don’t have the same RDNA architecture as them.
Cancerous Nut
Cancerous Nut Vor Monat
@Pet stone, from back in the days Oh yeah don’t worry about it you’re fine man
Pet stone, from back in the days
Pet stone, from back in the days Vor Monat
@Cancerous Nut Yeah, my bad. And yeah it's terrible. The new $600~ GPUs still see somewhat of a struggle at large resolutions with ultra presets in most games, and yet people unironically believed a $500 console (which is an AIO system comprised entirely of proprietary hardware) would get them there sooner and with a higher refresh rate... crazy how you can profit off ignorance like that, and have people parrot a bit of fluff they heard from you while feigning superiority. Fanboyism is a crazy, stupid thing.
Cancerous Nut
Cancerous Nut Vor Monat
@Pet stone, from back in the days Yeah I knew that, they advertised 4k 120 hz, not fps, but the knowledgless plebs just assumed it meant every game ran at 120 fps at 4K, which even now, as far as I know isnt even possible on a high end consumer rig, which really shows how much consoles deceive the user to get additional sales.
Also ryx 2070super will bottleneck ryzen 5 1600
I don't like this pc cuz rhe airflow is not at all good
Kurt Beronio
Kurt Beronio Vor Monat
Hes voices though
Dmin Vor Monat
Yo man I've been looking into building a PC since 2019 and my birthday is the 25th of november it would mean a lot if you would dm my Instagram it is @hi.dmin
Mr. Chicken Nugget
Mr. Chicken Nugget Vor Monat
Mate.. Get Manscaped!
MrKitlik Vor Monat
We know he partnered with Manscaped only to be able to do these jokes
How does this man have a wife 😂 Your a good man Kyle
bro ur killing me with the puns xD
JoyZ Vor Monat
PC perks: having more than just g lighting
Preston Cruz
Preston Cruz Vor Monat
Quiet Stroke Technology 😐
Juan Rico
Juan Rico Vor Monat
😂 he used the trimmers already they had hairs on them lol
Trevor Vor Monat
There's no way a three fan gigabyte 2080 super would fit in this form factor or the rvz03 case by any chance right?
josh sanderson
josh sanderson Vor Monat
You’ve done it wrong
josh sanderson
josh sanderson Vor Monat
In this case i just got it setup and with a 3800x i get 62c gaming and my 1660 super between 62-65c
Floaty Sky
Floaty Sky Vor Monat
give it awayyyyyyyy :)
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