I have mixed feelings. RX 6800 vs. RTX 3070

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AMD Radeon RX 6800 vs. Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070
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Lynn McKenney
Lynn McKenney Vor 8 Stunden
I just was a 6800 listed for $840 USD 😅 what a time to be alive. I think I'm ready to just wait until the next gen of cards to come out.
WizardofTruth Vor 3 Tage
Big knobby gpus. thank you subtitles
Smiling Man
Smiling Man Vor 6 Tage
I am so torn. Been waiting for a 3080 or/and a 6800xt for months now. Now one of the retailers in my country had TEN msi gaming x trio 6800s so i naturally ordered one and got it. (not mailed yet) But i feel like the 3080 and 6800xt will be in stock soon enough. But then again im building a new pc next week and i'd hate to keep using my temporary gpu for another couple of weeks... I want to get back to that 1440p maxed out goodness again!
Robert LailaTV
Robert LailaTV Vor 9 Tage
I thought it was sponsored ad from nvidia but then i watched it again it is not.
Tigerex966 Vor 9 Tage
Taeishere Vor 11 Tage
am i the only one that felt the fan's breeze..? wtf
sreif78 Vor 11 Tage
Right now, until April/May, it matters what you can get., Much beyond the Aug/Sept time frame, wait for the Next, next gen to jump into the GPU pool.
Ximonic Vor 11 Tage
RTX 3080 and RX 6800 (not XT) are priced about the same in Finland, ~900€. In this situation, I assume RTX 3080 is a better purchase, even though many hype the AMD as of now?
Miadous Vor 12 Tage
Firestrike makes the 6800 look real good vs 3070. In actual games, not much difference. Definitely, not worth $80 more and worse software/features.
Amer Aljabr
Amer Aljabr Vor 14 Tage
Best value GPU: 3060 TI 3080 3070 RX 6800 XT RX 6800. The 3090 shouldn't be on this list
Name Vor 15 Tage
Hosts Mixed feelings. $50 between the Amd & nvidia. Price per quite same?... Did left out RAM. I think since nvidia rtx 3070 is 8gb grdd ram where as the other is 16gb gddr paying for the more RAM.
GalaxyTraveler Vor 15 Tage
The 6800 here in Canada is $1000. 6800 XT is $1300
Anime4 LaijFuh
Anime4 LaijFuh Vor 15 Tage
why are the cards so cheap in the US, here in Sweden the cards costs a limb, here the cheapest 3070 retails for 804.79 dollars that's more than double the us retail price, WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL
GeekyTechyCool Vor 18 Tage
This is exactly the comparison I was looking for, thanks Kyle
Haagen Vor 18 Tage
Back in the day, you could get a bomb ass machine for $1000, now GPUs alone cost that.
Jean Maurice van Drunick
Jean Maurice van Drunick Vor 18 Tage
But what if you get a new amd cpu?
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte Vor 20 Tage
Cheapest you can buy these cards where I'm from is 750 euro for the 3070 and 950 eur for the 6800.
Say .What
Say .What Vor 20 Tage
Where im at RX 6800 is $969-$1000 meanwhile the RTX 3070 is $699-$879. WTF AMD..
Ishan Kumar
Ishan Kumar Vor 22 Tage
Why does nvidia not clock their gpus higher Can anyone explaim
Ishan Kumar
Ishan Kumar Vor 22 Tage
8:18 Me to every intel cpu
Eduardo A.
Eduardo A. Vor 22 Tage
Considering I got lucky and happened to find a rx6800 at a bestbuy store. It already beat the 3070 which would be alot more on ebay
Quget Vor 25 Tage
Interesting Hardware unboxed had different results.
Neels Jordaan
Neels Jordaan Vor 26 Tage
Scared of being blacklisted by Nvidia? show results without RT...
oneOfour Vor 26 Tage
Who tf care about ray tracing performance??? Nvidia shill? gtfo
MegaUnavailableusern Vor 26 Tage
has to be the most stupid benchmarking i've seen.
Tiago Beltrão
Tiago Beltrão Vor 26 Tage
Excellent video!
カルティク Vor 27 Tage
All you guys asking for the music, you guys are just basic dudes. There are more better music than this one, it's synthwave.
Trevor Blackwell
Trevor Blackwell Vor 28 Tage
The saddest part is how crap the 6800XT is compared to the 3070 LOL. Change the title. Talk about a joke.
Stochu Vor 28 Tage
Well price of all cards in my country is extremly higher than u showed us. 3070 Aorus master for 1k$ RX 6800 costs about 1100$ and 3080 for 1250-1400 even!!! Damn
Ode Vor 28 Tage
Cute prices. My EVGA 3070 XC3 Ultra was 850 USD and the "cheapest" RX 6800 is 970 USD here in Sweden. These are retail prices.
TvisZ Vor 28 Tage
damn.. in Australia they're basically the same price..
Azir's Journey to Diamond
Azir's Journey to Diamond Vor 28 Tage
Let's guess... It'll take a year before AMD finally leads Nvidia with new diver updates?
qweryuiasdf Vor 29 Tage
Can you please start implementing VR performance as well ?
SaltyMcChild Vor 29 Tage
6800 for 450 would be the best thing for sales
jrizzle1222 Vor 29 Tage
that music is epic..... 80s style lol
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos Vor 29 Tage
Wtf, the RX 6800 costs more than 900 bucks in my country (switzerland)!!!!!
MrMakosi Vor Monat
thanks man
Professional Noob
Professional Noob Vor Monat
where i am from (Norway), the 6800 is 150-200 dollars more expensive then 3070................. 6800 = 920 dollars 3870 = 745 dollars I dont get all the hype about this generation of cards. Ok, the performance jump is good, but holy cow........ They are really expensive! And these are just "mid tear cards". For about 1600 dollars i got the best pc money could buy back in 2011........... (No sli)
A R Vor Monat
this is is the first review i have seen that the rx 6800 be beaten by the rtx 3070, weird
Pete Vor Monat
Probably will go for the 3070, cuz of RT and DLSS, however the 8 gigs of vram worries me in terms of future proof
joox joox
joox joox Vor Monat
In indonesia Cheap AIB XFX RX 6800 $910 Zotac RTX 3070 $611 hate amd card why so expensive ;(
Deriathan Vor Monat
Why is it that in your results the 6800 and 6800xt are so bad? In all other reviews they are ahead of 3070. For example, Metro Exodus shows that 3070 is better than 6800. Other testers say it is vice versa.
Daniel Money
Daniel Money Vor Monat
Was SEM enabled for these benchmarks?
JimR Vor Monat
I remember when a top tier card cost under $250. I remember when I would happily buy nVidia products, but now I won't touch them because of pricing. Then AMD came out with the 6800 and priced it at $80 more than the 3070. The 6800 should perform on par with a 2080ti and be priced at about $450. 6800 did neither. 6700xt is gonna stink for value as well at 20%ish better than the 5700xt. It's like Jensen let AMD borrow his leather jacket... Screw them both. Where's the new competitor? Money to be made in vid cards these days...
Arjun Rai
Arjun Rai Vor Monat
What about RTX 3070 for £600 and RX 6800 for £540 at 1440? Which one makes the most sense at those price points (UK)
J Evola
J Evola Vor Monat
I am an AMD "fanboy" and I was holding out for a 6800.... but I am also impatient, and when I found a 3070 at a retailer, I am now the proud owner... not disappointed in my purchase at all.
J Evola
J Evola Vor Monat
@Dominik M nice, im on a 3800x...I would love a 5800x though just for those peak frames.
Dominik M
Dominik M Vor Monat
Exactly same here brother. If the same retailer gets a 6800xt (in the next 2 weeks) for no more than 200€ of what I payed for the 3070 I will replace it. But if it'a a dime more I sticking with the 3070. Shame I won't be able to use SAM as I got a b550 and a 5800x, but hey
Buying an AMD GPU is like buying Apple over Android. Just buy their awesome CPUs and be glad that they have actual competitive products.
Yannis Korsavvidis
Yannis Korsavvidis Vor Monat
what about 16gb vram?? it's double the size of 3070. i think it's a future-proof feature espsecially for video and photo editing as for new games wich will eventually will pass the 8gb vram limit. i don't know if raytracing and dlss can be fixed with driver updates.
Max Reznik
Max Reznik Vor Monat
important to note that it is December 7th 2020, and you still cannot buy any of these cards unless you're willing to pay $300 more for it on stockx
David Escobar
David Escobar Vor Monat
As always, an amazing review. Now that amd has positioned it self at the end of graphic card. Can you make a video of how to stream or record your gameplays on AMD and how it affects performance against nvidia. I used to record my gameplays on nvidia and then upload them to DEpost. So, before move to amd, will be nice to know how to do it and how much performance is lost
Potatoe8 Tomatoe
Potatoe8 Tomatoe Vor Monat
Hopefully AMD adjusts the price for us once these things start being sold 🤷🏼‍♂️
KevoZebo Vor Monat
What I’d the 6800 is the only card you can get your hands on at msrp?
MrArcM Vor Monat
Yooooo this cool musik plz send a link or something. So calm. Made my day man
Aziz N
Aziz N Vor Monat
ok Bitwit, I liked your video and you got me sold on these products. Now where can I obtain one? Otherwise you know.. its false advertisement.
Joseph Hodge
Joseph Hodge Vor Monat
I just ordered everything to build my first pc and opted for a rx 580 as a place holder until graphics cards are in stock at msrp again, spent 1k on black Friday because I built the pc for the new graphics card so all I need is to get a new card
John K
John K Vor Monat
Was anybody else jamming out to the music during the benchmark slides? 🎶
DR.NEGA Vor Monat
the 3080ti is rumor to surpass 3090 in gaming alone...just like titan got beat by 1080ti in price and performance
DR.NEGA Vor Monat
besides AMD is very screwed when ti version are coming out on new node ..5nm 2021..3070ti and 3080ti...2.4ghz versions
DR.NEGA Vor Monat
3070 worth the money than 6800 version...also nvidia do expand performance in driver updates while amd do not
Thomas W. Smith
Thomas W. Smith Vor Monat
2 cards you wont get your hands on unless you are reviewer. Then we get to watch them put them in a build they wont use.
Danilo Del Rosario
Danilo Del Rosario Vor Monat
Still glad i was about to bought a 5600xt at 270$
Ekte Mann
Ekte Mann Vor Monat
I was just casually watching in the background then this banger came on @ 4:00. Pleasant surprise for sure.
joakim edholm
joakim edholm Vor Monat
its really strange how different the benchmarks can be between tech rewiers. we already know that the 6800 is faster than the 3070 at least when you compare them in more games than this. yes, the 3070 is faster in raytracing and has dlss2. the one thing nvidia cannot do though is overclock, at least not much.however, they are both very good cards and i dont think youll be disapointed with either one, when you can get one;)
Jacob Adler
Jacob Adler Vor Monat
Ok but did I ask
Edwin Budiman
Edwin Budiman Vor Monat
What's the difference in 6800 and 3070 stock shortage? The people who buy AMD cards are actually the real gamers, so cards are nowhere to be seen. The people who buy NVIDIA cards, half of them are resellers, so cards are found in 130-150% of the price.
mawhiuk Vor Monat
No mention of the additional 6GB memory on the 6800? that's 60% more GPU RAM than the 3070. 4K gaming needs more RAM.
Turnpike Vor Monat
I'm glad I went with the 3070, but if I'm honest, I would not have been ashamed or heartbroken if I had snagged a 6800.
eskimo lost
eskimo lost Vor Monat
6800 reference until next summer is a good idea? using ultrawide lg 38gn950-b 3840x1600 160hz. my 5700 xt runs 50-80 fps. temps 50-70 c
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Vor Monat
I will respectfully disagree when it comes to the 6800 vs 3070. No one is buying an AMD card thinking it will beat 30 series with Ray Tracing turned on and lets be honest, Control is nothing more than a Ray Tracing demo and pitting up against any AMD card seems a bit biased. No doubt with Ray Tracing out of the picture the 6800 stomps on the 3070.
ZinoAmare Vor Monat
He didn't find me..
Theodoros Antoniou
Theodoros Antoniou Vor Monat
Was SAM enabled? Because that would be an advantage for AMD cards. If it was turned on, then Nvidia should be allowed to use DLSS. Also realistically, who wouldn't enable these features? "Do you want a free +10% performance improvement?" Nah, I'm good bro."
Well you just picked games that really not everyone cares for, had you chosen more AAA titles the 6800 would have been a winner by a good 20% margin as demonstrated in other videos. You put Control in there which clearly favors nvidia even without dlss turned on,so not a fair comparison at all. You take Control out and put Tomb Rider or Hitman in there and the table will turn immediately in amd favor by a big margin. I think it comes down to what type if games people like to play, and when it comes to ray tracing..shit i would first invest in a good monitor, as good as RT might be there's like 3 games with proper RTX so buying nvidia just for RTX is not worth it,at this point is just a gimmick if you ask me,in 2 years time perhaps yes,but iam sure by then nvidia would have come out with newer graphics card so i rather wait for that time to come,as of right now i would just focus on the card tbat gives me the better performance for my money, and the 6800 beats a 3070 on 80% of the games by a good 20% margin ir more,you just chose a limited ammount of games that mainly favor nvidia for this video,now with dlss on nvidia would have a lead but then again it comes down to what games you will play and whether dlss helps in those games or not. All these being said, i think the rx 6800 is still overpriced,it should be closer to $500 and that would put it over the 3070 any day,but at this price I see why someone might have mixed feelings about it,I do to and might just end up getting a 3070 to upgrade from my 5700xt unless amd drops the price on the 6800 when and if they are ever available
Mike Kraemer
Mike Kraemer Vor Monat
Im not liking this video. Come find me.
Cemito Vor Monat
AMD has always had driver issues and by matching Nvidia performance barely for the first time they want to match their prices? No thanks not until they raise their reputation with drivers.
Gareth Tucker
Gareth Tucker Vor Monat
need more games, need to drop the old games. Others are showing across 18 games(Frankly still not enough...I have thousands of games) and dropping things like ashes because old at this point. Combined scores don't tell me anything....why would you think it does? when doing that you have to remove outliers at all times for that to make sense and a sample size of 7 games isn't enough either from a data point of view. do note: I'm not referring to either brand I honestly don't care but an opinion that can affect millions should be done based on a far larger data set than what is being used here. As to ray tracing, it's a given that AMD will be behind...this isn't shocking news week, that ship sailed into the sunset 2 years ago, if anything the point should be made that AMD made more progress in 1 generation than Nvidia did in 2 generations, RDNA 3 could well jump ahead...could...yeah I'll believe that when I see it. As a technology it's being used in more games than you are benchmarking...and that's not very many anyway with the sum total of 18....if someone came to me 2 years ago and said you will see this in 18 games over the next 2 years and asked me for money to invest in it...i'd call them an idiot. Ray tracing as we are seeing it now will gain traction but it's barely a selling point, by the time it's used as a mainstream technology I'll be looking at the successor to both of these generation of gpu's maybe even the generation after.
Mr AMD Vor Monat
Sure you have mixed feelings, but the winner (in your opinnion) is the one that paid more. And that happens to be NVIDOA. No surprise here.
Yianni Charalambous
Yianni Charalambous Vor Monat
This is with pre release drivers though so you never know when it gets more optimisation
QuickFireGaming Vor Monat
Another point that was not really mentioned is that NVIDIA is on their second generation of DLSS and has hardware specifically designed for AI upscaling in their cards. I can't find anything that says that AMD cards have similar hardware. There is a very, very good chance that AMD upscaling will be worse than that of NVIDIA. That is a huge negative for AMD cards in my book. AMD might end up with better software support for upscaling than NVIDIA due to the consoles but that's not something I'd be willing to bet on.
Anthony Capo
Anthony Capo Vor Monat
I’m pissed the 3070 and 3080 has that amount of vram. They should have doubled it.
Fimmt Vor Monat
how infuriating to think that we still cannot purchase these cards, and if we do have to wait at least 2 months. What the hell is wrong with the world right now? What kind of retarded idea is going through these people´s head to release a product that they don´t even have ready to sell at a normal scale?
Franku Doge
Franku Doge Vor Monat
I got the 3080 FE and considering the 6800XT's are all over £750, I got a hell of a deal at £646.
ChristoDiamond Official Channel
ChristoDiamond Official Channel Vor Monat
rip no gpu is available rn
Ado B
Ado B Vor Monat
why are your results drastically different from other channels that have the 6800 ahead of the 3070? metro exodus gets 149 fps avg w lows of 105 in hardware unboxed video with the ultra quality preset at 1440p, hairworks off, and rt off, quite a bit more than the 94 fps avg and 48 fps lows you have..
oneOfour Vor 26 Tage
bc he's a nvidia shill
rddr41 Vor Monat
The prices in Sweden are so high that its going to kill AMD RX6800= 900$ ?? and the RX 6800 XT costs even more!, that is in stores, so I think Nvidia cards have a biger chans to succed with ther sales. :( Wold be nice if other GPU makers did do something about this, old school ( powervr redition matrox and others came back to deliver some new GPUS)
Koss83 Vor Monat
Good review if you own those 22 games that use ray tracing and dlss
zafert85 Vor Monat
7 AAA games, puts Ashes in..... control really doesnt like amd gpu's. This review is skewed as fuck
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname Vor Monat
Weird, I just came from a big channel where they said the exact opposite. I wonder if it's because they were testing it on an AMD CPU. But even with the direct access feature disabled they had the AMD cards ahead.
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname Vor Monat
If those MSRPs would actually matter, I would be happy, but prices are through the roof.
condensed milk
condensed milk Vor Monat
I just wanted a 3070, 3080, 6800, 6800xt, got a 6800 at microcenter luckily, works amazing for me
condensed milk
condensed milk Vor Monat
@Alsounknownas no idea, its so unpredictable, they got like 6 nvidia cards the amd launch, i honestly think they get a few cards a week
Alsounknownas Vor Monat
Do they restock a certain time or ?
condensed milk
condensed milk Vor Monat
Also should've turned off ray tracing for all of these games, amd rt is still in beta, then should've had a seperate ray tracing section
Forex Dissector
Forex Dissector Vor Monat
interesting,........hardwareunboxed had opposite results and conclusions.
Carole baskin
Carole baskin Vor Monat
What did they say
Simalacrum Vor Monat
I ended up going with the Radeon 6800 cause... well, because I managed to actually get one and not the 3070 😅 and my current 1070 has died so I’m not really in the position of wanting to wait till a better option is available 😭
BioRhythmic Studios
BioRhythmic Studios Vor Monat
Wow, glad I got my RTX 3070 for 450 lol
Erik w
Erik w Vor Monat
Double vram for 80 more is so worth it. 8 gigs is NOT enough for the target resolutions of the 3070, this will become even more apparent when games start requiring even more in the near future
Erik w
Erik w Vor Monat
@Carole baskin I mean I only upgrade about every 5 years so I like to think ahead
Carole baskin
Carole baskin Vor Monat
By the time that happens both the 6800 and 3070 will be well out of their prime
Chris Morrison
Chris Morrison Vor Monat
I think control is a similar case to gears 5 just reversed and not as bad. Gears 5 runs much better on AMD graphics over nividia graphics so I think control, like gears 5, is a sore thumb when it comes to gpu comparisons
Mundus66 Vor Monat
6800 is a overclock card. If you don't plan to overclock you either buy and Nvidia card or 6800 XT. Hell if you plan to overclock either 6000 series card is gonna be better than Nvidia. Especially with a water block.
Daniel Son
Daniel Son Vor Monat
Double the ram though.
Anthony Vor Monat
Not sure if I should upgrade from my 1080 ti
Myk Q
Myk Q Vor Monat
You literally cant
EnIgMa[Ra] Vor Monat
Hi dude! Love your channel! Can you do a linux system review of this cards? Thanks!
Skybleck Vor Monat
Idk care I just want one so I can actually build a pc
Сергей Котовский
Сергей Котовский Vor Monat
Using an rtx card w/o dlss is like driving turbocharged car with permanently open westgate. Just why?
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