Testing out my new triple 4K gaming monitors

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AvgJoesGamin Vor 2 Tage
to bad there only 27 inch.
Lizlodude Vor 3 Tage
Ah yes, Nvidia Surround doing what it does best: not spanning the monitors lol
Ben Bouissieres Music
Ben Bouissieres Music Vor 11 Tage
Kyle afk in Among Us... Boot his a**!
R M Vor 16 Tage
I got whiplash from looking from side to side when I had multiple monitors. Now I just use a single 60" TV as my monitor.
Skully Vor 21 Tag
what is the name of the desk
steviewonderbubble Vor 22 Tage
"We were around 40fps, which is hardly playable." *Cries in 10-20fps on a laptop dock*
Shameel Ahamed
Shameel Ahamed Vor 23 Tage
"I need three monitors for online school mom"
M 'n' B
M 'n' B Vor 27 Tage
buying an top of the line gpu but still fps drops
KryiZeli Vor 27 Tage
14:33 0 FPS
Rohan Bhangui
Rohan Bhangui Vor 29 Tage
What FPS/ performance stats overlay are you using?
Just s.o who love Seventeen
Just s.o who love Seventeen Vor 29 Tage
I like how he was send two rtx 3090s and he was sponsored to advertise a radeon
Rayn VII
Rayn VII Vor Monat
30 FPS on Among Us is slick. I keep getting too many frames on that game so Im glad that the 3090 can fix it
CrazyDaveGaming Vor Monat
3:36 thats literally my background what the fuck.
tbrayden3 Vor Monat
I bought that same monitor too based on Hardware Unboxed review. Was back ordered for like a month, but eventually received it.
karthik.max4 Vor Monat
Triples for SiM RaCiNgg....😬😬
NomadRoots TV
NomadRoots TV Vor Monat
Oh my Lord gracious. I use my laptops screen and a 2nd HORRID LCD TV that's SOOOO old and grainy and not even at 60 GHz lmao. Im so jelly
Hazza_RL Vor Monat
My man has a monitor for twitch chat worth more than my whole setup
JcRabbit Vor Monat
Kyle, try running the first game with DX12 instead of DX11. Maximum texture size for DX11 was 8,192 x 8,192 pixels while DX12 is 16,384 x 16,384 pixels. 3 monitors x 3840 pixels = 11,520 pixels while 2 monitors x 3840 pixels = 7,680 which explains why it can't extend to all 3 monitors but does show a bit (the remaining 512 pixels for the full 8,192) on the 3d monitor. Either that or they hard coded maximum texture size to 8K in the game. :) How do I know about this limitation? Because I once tried to run a multi monitor system composed of one 4K monitor and two 2560x1600 monitors and run into that DX11 limit in Windows 7 (Windows 10 itself does not suffer from that problem because it uses DX12 internally, while Windows 7 used DX11). Under Windows 7, Aero would simply refuse to turn on with a stupid error message but would not tell me what the actual problem was. It was a PITA to find out what the actual cause was and the only solution was to run one of the 2560x1600 monitors at a lower resolution.
Dave Hartnell
Dave Hartnell Vor Monat
@18:50 getting runover was epic.
Brady Fabin
Brady Fabin Vor Monat
In a few years he's gunna have like 30 4k monitors on a rtx 7090 and need fricken binoculars to see the end monitors
Indpendent01 Vor Monat
3:55 Funny, just today I was considering this since I want a 3rd monitor for editing/streaming and I currently have an ultrawide+4k. Don't think I'll ever get rid of my ultrawide, but I feel all the points he makes about triple 4k.
circuschris2880 Vor Monat
Does Among Us actually show the wider picture so you are seeing other rooms on the left and right monitors? Because that is a massive advantage, you could be somewhere else and see the Imposter kill someone.
xnbw Vor Monat
does anyone know if windowed full screen also skews performance like regular windowed mode or can you run a game in windowed fs instead of actual fs
cash Vor Monat
whats the benchmarker in the top left of his screen
Charles Graffam
Charles Graffam Vor Monat
Of course the first game you test is Cold War, Im boutta sell my rx 5700xt for a 3070 cus this shit keeps crashin
The Door
The Door Vor Monat
Just bought one of these monitors to go with my 3080!
Jimit Soni
Jimit Soni Vor Monat
But why are the colours so different on each monitor
Soundzy Vor Monat
I have an idea; on January 1st 2021 at 12:00am we should type into google why does my clock say “11:60pm December 31st 2020” for absolute hell for anyone who is looking at most popular google searches
MarcasswellbMD Vor Monat
I don't know many people who game on Ultra Max settings. Most People for aim for medium to high settings, Depending on the game, I think you guys should start benchmarking games on high settings.. I try to game on High settings. I sometimes have to mix medium and high settings together. Maybe lower shadows and stuff like that a little bit so I can game at 1440 and 4K above 60 FPS..
boogi3 Vor Monat
you going to use the ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit?
Paroxy DM
Paroxy DM Vor Monat
Has anyone seen WifeSauce lately?
Mako Vor Monat
If only those monitors were 32".
Fifa 101
Fifa 101 Vor Monat
anyone have a link to that wallpaper?
Optic Eu
Optic Eu Vor Monat
fix the fan curve pls i cant see 80c on 45% fans pllssssss
Anti Gun Gaming
Anti Gun Gaming Vor Monat
His monitors together are probaly more expensive than most people's complete setup no need to talk about his pc
kkonsti Vor Monat
The ultimate Among Us setup
shep husted
shep husted Vor Monat
approved content - semi realistic for many gamers and content creators soonish whether they know it or not
kenny jeffree
kenny jeffree Vor Monat
You just gave everyone who plays among us on pc a great way to find out whos sus or even when is best to kill.... You ruined among us for the normal people :)
SkiingCommando Vor Monat
I could build like 5 PCs with how much those panels cost
Jace Williams
Jace Williams Vor Monat
You should have shown the racing game in 1st person. I feel like that would be very immersive with triple panels.
Admiral_Hoshi Vor Monat
You need a camera man lol
Charles Burgess
Charles Burgess Vor Monat
two 3090 cards in nv-link to two 1080 Ti cards in SLI... your time has come
Arav Sandhala
Arav Sandhala Vor Monat
msi just had $350k of rtx 3090s stolen. i wonder who did it ....
Supertrooperhah Vor Monat
Okay I'm hyped about the donut media reference
Static Elite
Static Elite Vor Monat
40fps is hardly playable
Static Elite
Static Elite Vor Monat
It might be call of duty no being able to do 3 monitors
Brian Flatterich
Brian Flatterich Vor Monat
he just kicked all console players in the balls when he said 60fps is barely playable lmao
Brandon Smith Media
Brandon Smith Media Vor Monat
"It could be a bug" he says as he plays the buggiest COD ever. If only you knew Kyle..... if only you knew
Prajwal Rawal
Prajwal Rawal Vor Monat
Does the rog strix x570-f support usb c front panel header for h710i ?
assassinate241 Vor Monat
I've never wanted those monitors more than seeing half the Skeld map on Among Us XD GIMME GIMME!!!
The 7th Door
The 7th Door Vor Monat
Currently running 3 4k TVs off a Vega 64 and at high settings I can hit 55fps... I guess I expected better off 3090, but still impressive. Unity engine games kill my fps though, usually 20-30fps. Vulcan runs great though.
King Derpington
King Derpington Vor Monat
He could have had more fps on all the games in the triple monitor setup easily, his fans were at 44% in almost everyone wtf he was thermal throttling because he wasnt even at 50% of fans (top left in afterburner overlay 3rd number in gpu row is gpu fan speed)
KBGaming Vor Monat
When you realise that’s 24,883,200 pixels
It's me Iphone7Inches
It's me Iphone7Inches Vor Monat
I love watching things that I can't afford. that's why I love this channel
omgitsmattsutube Vor Monat
Can someone tell me the model of his keyboard?
Stephen Amundson
Stephen Amundson Vor Monat
You should still put a huge OLED above the monitors. Why not?
Sal Thomas
Sal Thomas Vor Monat
Did he casually say he put a oled tv in the bathroom?
Dyynamic Vor Monat
What keyboard is that?
Hood Pope
Hood Pope Vor Monat
Does anyone have a amd ryzen 5 3600 cpu I can purchase?
Alpha Sweezey
Alpha Sweezey Vor Monat
This guy is just an idiot copying lyle, like at least give lyle credit for being better.
Dustin Rodriguez
Dustin Rodriguez Vor Monat
mmmm, tempted.... currently have triple 1440p monitors setup like that, I very much like it. The next step would be going to 4K with HDR support....
Playing Doctor
Playing Doctor Vor Monat
Me: Ohh nice monitors *Click link for price Me: *suprised pickachu face >:0
Water fasting & more
Water fasting & more Vor Monat
So jelly rn
Emmit G
Emmit G Vor Monat
Not worth it 👎👎 The extra frames are worth more than a few pixel
remynisce33 Vor Monat
Hi. Do you have an outdated nvidia or amd graphics card you can give away? My gtx 650 got bricked.
Zach Green
Zach Green Vor Monat
It wouldnt be because of the FOV in cod being set to 80 right?
Nicholas Cisneros
Nicholas Cisneros Vor Monat
The truthful seeder consequentially squeeze because wind disappointedly protect onto a aquatic tsunami. tested, witty overcoat
angel102ify Vor Monat
been trying to buy a GN950 for months, meanwhile Kyle has 2 for discord and twitch chat * cries *
Mr Brown
Mr Brown Vor Monat
painful to watch kyle play games
Willymaze Vor Monat
Dual RTX2090s - Sponsored by RX6800XT
BssxXGeneralXx Gameing United
BssxXGeneralXx Gameing United Vor Monat
Should I buy a rtx 2060 or 3070 I want to do some 4k and modding in skyrim V is the 2060 good enough?
Clint0nic Vor Monat
Upload your videos at least in 1440p man! lol
Josh Taba
Josh Taba Vor Monat
Crys in non ti 4GB GTX 1050 / i5 7300HQ (-160MV) on a 35" 1440p ultrawide. Save me computer gods lol :') Don't want to sell a kidney to a scalper for an RTX 3080/ Ryzen 5 5600X XD
Jacob Woodson
Jacob Woodson Vor Monat
I have a similar set up with 2 27" 1440p 144hz AOC g2's with a 34" 1440p ultrawide 144hz AOC G2 but man is my poor 5700xt struggling. hoping to get the new Big Navi 6800xt or 6900xt
Knight Vor Monat
Anyone else see the contrast and brightness across those 3 monitors don't match? Is it just on camera?
Popa Razzie71
Popa Razzie71 Vor Monat
12:00 hands free :)
Tobias Mispelhorn
Tobias Mispelhorn Vor Monat
I'm maybe wrong. But dosen't have the Samsung Ultra Wider Gaming Monitors the feature to be 2 Displays so for Gaming you have an 49" UW und for Multi you have 2 smaller Displays
Chris Bullock
Chris Bullock Vor Monat
Somebody is ready for CYBERPUNK 2077
Chris Bullock
Chris Bullock Vor Monat
You know someone is used to getting everything when they just decide to put a new LG OLED in the bathroom.
ThatOne ZeldaFan
ThatOne ZeldaFan Vor Monat
Dungeon Blaster
Dungeon Blaster Vor Monat
honestly, for a monitor size it makes no sense to me to go past 1440p. 4K makes a huge difference for pixel density for a large TV but in order to see the pixels you have to way too close to see the whole screen for a 4k monitor. on top of that, 3 of them? what a waste of money. To be fair though, driving games and 3rd person action adventure with nice views could be awesome. but if you are trying to surround yourself with nice refresh rate and displays you might as well just use a virtual reality headset because the screens are anywhere you want them.
Austin Mahler
Austin Mahler Vor Monat
How'd he get all those cards... wait... has anyone seen Wifeysauce????
DaGhostDS Vor Monat
Probably want to give Nvidia Surround (Which you might have tried it's hard to say from the video) a go if you want to try Triple Screen setup, most games have UI issues though and that's on 3x 1920x1080 screens at 5760x1080 resolution with bezel correction. Ubisoft is one of the company I don't get any issues with Surround gaming though, it work out of the box, every UI is centered (or not it's an option) and it just work. Not too sure about 4k triple monitor setup that seem way too high to be even supported by 99% of games. Ghost Recon Breakpoint, with the recent patches without gear level is actually playable and fun, plus you can play free with three of your friends as long one player got the full game, got full DirectX 12 and Vulkan support and like I said work perfectly in surround.
Gershon Dharmanandan
Gershon Dharmanandan Vor Monat
Triple screen among us actually looks meta!😂
Vishakh Kantharaj
Vishakh Kantharaj Vor Monat
Kyle : talks about triple monitor resulotions Me (with a GTX 1060 3GB) : "Ha I like your funny words magic man"
Phineas Phreak
Phineas Phreak Vor Monat
Wallpaper anybody?????
Parallel Remedy
Parallel Remedy Vor Monat
bro my monitors im getting are the 360hz ones (im a rich kid) Edit: also im getting 128gb 4000mghz ram, and an i9 10900k+rtx 3090 and threadripper+rtx 2080ti dual build all water cooled so...
Brian Bravo
Brian Bravo Vor Monat
Nvidia Leaks confirmed that 90% of the 30 series graphic cards where shipped to youtubers.
Videogameworld Vor Monat
One gpu, one monitor = better experience. This is just a headache and waste of performance.
siddhesh deshmukh
siddhesh deshmukh Vor Monat
I wanna know the wallpapers name or link
Mouse Cursor
Mouse Cursor Vor Monat
*Me Loads Cinebench/AIDA64 Fans AIO fans start spinning up ALSO ME FANS BE QUIET AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Stefan Misch
Stefan Misch Vor Monat
13:30 The right screen was filled about 10%. I bet if you would do a screenshot the image would be either 8096 or 8000 pixels wide. There probably is a simple limit of the maximum resolution the card can render. In the regular desktop the card renders 3 separate images so three time 4K is okay. But in 3d mode spanned across three 4K screens it's simply more than anticipated by nVidia.
Stefan Misch
Stefan Misch Vor Monat
okay, maybe not nVidia but the makers of the racing game.
TBrew Vor Monat
try a real race sim on that with a wheel! iRacing is fun ;)
Winston Lalicon
Winston Lalicon Vor Monat
Nice flex...
Roshan Daswani
Roshan Daswani Vor Monat
Him casually l inventing 12k using 3 4k monitors
Good4Y0u Vor Monat
But wait. Technically there is the eve spectrum display
Gabi Koonings
Gabi Koonings Vor Monat
Oh, come on Kyle, just once every time you're at it, look up, Lyle will love to see that...
AbdoNotFound Vor Monat
This a try not to cry challenge.😢
Abdur Rahman Jalil
Abdur Rahman Jalil Vor Monat
Nice, I was actually looking at these monitors for myself, though my wallet doesn't like the idea of three, lol.
Fuze -
Fuze - Vor Monat
Man owns 40% of worldwide 3090 stock
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