Which RTX 3080 should you buy?

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Comparing three different RTX 3080s: Nvidia Founders Edition, Asus TUF, and Zotac Trinity models benchmarked and tested!
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Which RTX 3080 should you buy?

Bitwit Vor 3 Monate
Answer: None of them! You can't buy them 😭
hardcopy Vor 14 Tage
Still cant buy them...
Beta Mork
Beta Mork Vor 18 Tage
I think that you got a good chip on the FE because the TUF and Trinity usually yield a few more frames, especially the TUF.
35 Tan Ze Qi
35 Tan Ze Qi Vor 19 Tage
For now
Tommy Nguyen
Tommy Nguyen Vor Monat
Wrong, I got all of them. Now deciding which one to keep and scalping all of them
Senqoul Vor Monat
*can* we buy
Azores Drone Footage
Azores Drone Footage Vor 16 Stunden
Which RTX 3080 should you buy? The first one you can catch!
William Chan
William Chan Vor 22 Stunden
Correction: Which RTX 3080 can you buy?
Sanel Sistek
Sanel Sistek Vor Tag
Will it bottleneck my r5 3600 ?
Hunter422 Vor 5 Tage
I got the Zotac Trinity OC version as it was literally $200 cheaper than Asus/MSI/Gigabyte. IMHO it performs above expectations given the 320W locked power limit. My card can hit 2100MHz peaks and average around the 2000-2100 mark depending on the game. Pretty good especially since I really didn't wanna pay so much above MSRP just for the brand.
Steamed Hams
Steamed Hams Vor 6 Tage
Joke’s on you. They’re still f’ing sold out.
Meloen Gamer
Meloen Gamer Vor 6 Tage
Simple awnser The one thats in stock
Darren Lee
Darren Lee Vor 7 Tage
Length warrants us some bragging rights all right
DenKiDaTa Vor 8 Tage
TUF question... i cant find any .....
Mr.Mad Killer48
Mr.Mad Killer48 Vor 8 Tage
Love the dough demuro reference 😂
Aidan Chappelle
Aidan Chappelle Vor 8 Tage
"Which RTX 3080 should you buy?" Which option doesn't burn a $1500 hole in my wallet
arodavenue Vor 10 Tage
You made me a subscriber with "Quirks and Features" Doug Demuro reference!
ABDUL SAMI Qureshi Vor 5 Tage
Bitwit the type of guy to make Doug Demuro references...
jason p
jason p Vor 11 Tage
evga ftw3 ultra >.>
YoungCheezy325 Vor 12 Tage
Dude... RGB 100% increases performance. You have to be crazy not to know this; just like racing stripes makes your car go faster.
D Man
D Man Vor 12 Tage
These vids are dumb. Are they not up to date with what's going on in the world or am I missing something??? Everything is out of STOCK!! No you can't get a 3080 unless if your one of the very lucky ones and I'm putting that lightly as these cards are INSANELY overinflated and overpriced. You'd have to be missing a few brain cells to spend thousands of dollars on one atm. Stop posting these stupid vids and give yourself an uppercut for me.
NorthWestClass PNW
NorthWestClass PNW Vor 11 Tage
You okay? This vid came out 3 months ago, when the cards came out. Most everything is out of stock, but you can get a stock notifier if you're truly desperate. No one is recommending you go and buy a scalped one at inflated price. Chill out
Sykout Vor 12 Tage
Any one that you can actually see with your eyes.
Swiffy Vor 13 Tage
3 months later and still not in stock
Christopher Burden
Christopher Burden Vor 15 Tage
3 months later and i finally managed to grab a 3080 tuf. Hard times out in the tech world for sure.
Seguita Tomiscem
Seguita Tomiscem Vor 17 Tage
eagle or vision?
Shameel Ahamed
Shameel Ahamed Vor 17 Tage
pfffffffffft... like we can even get one
captain tutan
captain tutan Vor 17 Tage
Doesn't matter because I don't have money
monition Vor 17 Tage
You’ll probably have the money by the time these are possible to be purchased by humans, not bots.
Steven Walkden
Steven Walkden Vor 17 Tage
none, you cant buy any of them
T L Vor 18 Tage
I'm really wondering when PC component designers are going to catch up with graphic design trends. Why, when recent design trends are all about looking clean and minimalist, are we getting a bunch of horrible looking GPU's that look like they're straight out of a transformers movie but add in 20+ "I'M A BIG GAMER NERD" text headers everywhere they can possibly fit? I'm so sick of components having *gaming* labels on them. As soon as you stick anything on a component that says something gaming related, it makes it look extremely childish, cheap, and *nerdy*. Nivida knocked their new designs out of the park, but ruined them with the 12pin adapters. So close, but so far.
Landry Saathoff
Landry Saathoff Vor 19 Tage
Bruh, we couldn't pick one up even if we wanted to
Knutter Vor 19 Tage
more like which RTX3080 can you find
Steve Ronald Salinas
Steve Ronald Salinas Vor 20 Tage
Holy shit now we need a BitWit x Doug Demuro crossover
Newezreal Vor 20 Tage
i remember when 400 euro was expensive for a gaming gpu
EdwinjpDerp Vor Tag
Your profile got me
TechJunkie Vor 21 Tag
Even at 1440p there is definitely some CPU bottlenecking going on here. A stock 3950x performs in games equal or slightly worse than a stock 8700k.
Defaultyy Vor 22 Tage
just buy rtx 3070 the cost is from 600-800 bucks
NorthWestClass PNW
NorthWestClass PNW Vor 11 Tage
All about your budget and wants. 3070 you can get 500-800 but theoretically you could get a 3080 FE for 700~
cole gordon
cole gordon Vor 23 Tage
the one in stock
Mountme Ndome
Mountme Ndome Vor 25 Tage
hallmark movies
turbo qzma
turbo qzma Vor 26 Tage
How many people could afford themselfs 3080? Most of them could only spend $250.
donnieb Vor 27 Tage
The reference 30 series cards look the best imo, no rgb just smart industrial design. That is why I went with the 3070 Founders edition.
Krush GamerLife
Krush GamerLife Vor 27 Tage
I have asus tuf 3080 and its a beast. I maxed out every overclock setting on msi afterburner but the temps still stay cool. Never thought they'd make TUF brand so good. I will try more overclocking after a few months. Don't wanna burn my GPU yet, especially since there are no replacement available at the moment... lol
Boonie Hat Gang
Boonie Hat Gang Vor 28 Tage
Bruh I want answers and not the same meme copied and pasted in the comments. Like come on bois become OG with a comment and not a follower
Namir Kadri
Namir Kadri Vor 28 Tage
Is it the oc tuf gpu or its the regular one
Sole Survivor
Sole Survivor Vor Monat
Isn‘t it the „smartest“ choice to just stick to the fe Since the beste 3080 can cost almost as much as the 3090 but won‘t be as good as the 3090...
Aaron Lauretani
Aaron Lauretani Vor Monat
I paid a bit extra from a shop here in China and picked up the Asus 3080 10G OC.
whitebuffulo Vor Monat
Scalpers are fkn scum of the earth
Rich Burmond
Rich Burmond Vor Monat
the one that is actually in stock and not over 800 euros lol
WorisonTV Vor Monat
what about evga and msi????????
WorisonTV Vor Monat
tuf gaming temperature is real, is it stable like that or it goes up like the others?
Coolzro887 Vor Monat
My dad just surprised me with a Evga rtx 3080 Holy crap it hasnt even set in
Nate Higgers
Nate Higgers Vor Monat
These funding reviewers have all the cards
MiniPlayz Vor Monat
1:16 am I the only one who counted the fans anyway?
Scott Witt
Scott Witt Vor Monat
I have the 3080 fe, and love it. Super sleek design. Just looks and feels premium.
Yoshri Vor Monat
def going with TUF. really good temp
Mad Boi
Mad Boi Vor Monat
I'm glad I got the 3080 tuff zero regrets !
kersedsaint Vor Monat
My SO watches Doug all the time and the moment I heard the reference I died 🤣. Had to give this video a like.
Fabien Bonvin
Fabien Bonvin Vor Monat
Finally got the Aorus 3080 extreme waterforce wb ! Unfortunately I need to buy some more fittings before I can use it 😅
PersonalDroneRepair Vor Monat
Metalsinger418 Vor Monat
Really liking my EVGA FTW3
HJ Vor Monat
you still cant buy these...
Tankbot Vor Monat
my Zotac AMP Holo goes up to 1.9Ghz on default settings.
JJ Vor Monat
Cringed so hard when he said "I M O". Just talk like a human ell oh ell
DGame 12345
DGame 12345 Vor Monat
How did you get the zotac graphics card fans moving
Sebastian Jattin
Sebastian Jattin Vor Monat
the alienware version from dell is better than all
Johnny Chavez
Johnny Chavez Vor Monat
Logan Schaefer
Logan Schaefer Vor Monat
When they did the max power draw of the cards, was that on an overclock or base clock?
Potato Vor Monat
I don't know, Nvidia webside is one of the few places where you can find the card with a excesive price for RGB or extra fans but, the cooler system of the stock 3080 is enough? I see it like too close and with only 1 fan...
Josiah French
Josiah French Vor Monat
You are all making the same boring joke. Just stop.
Jonathan Brutt
Jonathan Brutt Vor Monat
Correct Answer: Any 30 series card you can find...
can Sancar
can Sancar Vor Monat
me with a new 2060: none
SimpleSetting Vor Monat
My answer, You dont have to choose because... You cant get any of them due to scalpers and botters or just broke
CuzImNilo Vor Monat
Dec. 1. still cant get any...
Google user
Google user Vor Monat
Hello! TWO questions: 1) What is more stable/better, MSI RTX 3080 VENTUS, or ASUS RTX 3080 TUF ? 2) How to undervolt the GPU ? THANKS !!
Hunter R. W.
Hunter R. W. Vor Monat
If I can find a 3080 FE, that is the one I will go with, but I will settle for any at this point seeing as you can't find these cards.
Tom B
Tom B Vor Monat
Can we get some eGPU numbers with these?
Yace Young
Yace Young Vor Monat
After this video he probably double checked to make sure every and each version of these cards are still impossible to obtain then turned around and sold them for 1500 each on eBay 🤣🤣
Cookie Vor Monat
Is The RoG 3080 Good For Gaming?? I cant Find Any Of That
Kris A
Kris A Vor Monat
I just ordered: Zotac GeForce RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6X AMP Holo Ampere. I'm hoping I haven't bought a dud - it suddenly became available on Ebuyer (UK site), so I added it to my basket and successfully ordered it,.. successfully? Is it any good? Is it reliable? Is it well-built? Is it rare? Is it equally as desirable as an Asus TUF 3080 or an old brick? Your thoughts welcome,.... good or bad,. but hopefully educated, in-the-know responses. :) Thanks! :)
AdrienMitchell69 Vor Monat
I subscribed because you made a Doug Demure reference...and it was a good video. Nice work.
Derfal Vor Monat
Hey guys, I hope you can help me. I was wondering, will I be able to use my 700W PSU with the 3080? I have an i7 4770k. I really don't plan on doing overclocking. Thanks!
Chris Havok
Chris Havok Vor Monat
you won't even be able to buy a 3080 until the year 3080
borny hitch
borny hitch Vor Monat
darn youtubers buying all the 3080's
Elvy Vor Monat
3080s are like cyber punk,they don't exist,only in internet and videos.
BoopLoopy Vor Monat
Imagine being someone buying a 3080 who rarely games and plans to use it for workstation stuff and just seeing "live to game" and "Gaming" slapped on your card.
Dizzy Titan
Dizzy Titan Vor Monat
I got a trinity on Facebook market place for 900$ 🥲
foto21com Vor Monat
No truer words ever said - 'Cheesy marketing attempts should stop when you open the box'. This also applies to ads online telling me to buy what I already bought. Makes online advertising look like a total scam.
A Pigeon
A Pigeon Vor Monat
Put my 3090 trinity in the ek trinity block, ohhh its amazing..
Pancake Lizard
Pancake Lizard Vor Monat
This pig has 4 3080's!.
Pancake Lizard
Pancake Lizard Vor Monat
I like the Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 Gaming OC 10GB
Hoodie Vor Monat
Bitwit: What RTX should you buy? All of us: What do suspect us to have the speed of buying the card like the flash?
Shaw Productions
Shaw Productions Vor Monat
Why do you make a video like this assuming we have the luxury to CHOOSE or better yet get A card
NOSfusion Vor Monat
Did Kyle stop doing drugs?! Where’s the glasses and crazy hair? No stupid jokes or rapid fire edits? Hmmmmmm
f_dog80 Vor Monat
I went with the Trinity cause it's all k cojld find haha
xXNunduXx Vor Monat
PNY just sitting there like “Hey guys, we have stock... 😥”
gaga rere
gaga rere Vor Monat
Which 3080 would you buy for a custom loop and overclock?
gaga rere
gaga rere Vor Monat
RBG doesn't actually improve performance? How a surprise. I'm shocked :-)
DokiBroki Vor Monat
I'm just gonna wait for the founder's edition since it is more cheaper and I like the design.
Kristof kris
Kristof kris Vor 2 Monate
So, anyone lookin' for kidney?
Vogs Life
Vogs Life Vor 2 Monate
The 6800XT of course unless it is out of stock
NotShroud Vor 2 Monate
As Indian prices concerned, Guys, Don't buy the 3070 AIB cards. At that price you'll get a 3080FE and you'll still save approximately 200$. Do not buy the AIB unless these people drop the price. koi khareedega hi nahi to jhak marke price kam karenge. They are selling them at double prices. And jinke pas extra paisa hai unko kitna bhi samjhao, they are going to buy no matter what the price is.
TheCelticTiger Vor 2 Monate
WTF.... Rgb doesn't increase performance ? could 2020 get any worse!!
Dr Pepper 69
Dr Pepper 69 Vor 2 Monate
Insert low stock joke
DeuteriumTech Vor 2 Monate
More than a month later... we still can't buy any RTX 30 series cards.
24321619 Vor 2 Monate
Which RTX 3080 should you buy? None there are none around!
gustavo Laverde
gustavo Laverde Vor 2 Monate
david hong
david hong Vor 2 Monate
Any 3080 if there are.
Godofhel1 Vor 2 Monate
Why 3950x though...
Wraith Designz
Wraith Designz Vor 2 Monate
Sucks GPU prices are higher then I have ever seen them, and even years old cards are skyrocketing in price. :(
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