You need to see the PC I just built...because you might win it

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Bitwit Vor Monat
I decided to create the giveaway page early so you can enter to win the PC here!!: The only requirement is that you visit the donation page Paul and I set up. You don't have to make a donation, BUT IT WOULD BE REALLY COOL IF YOU DID. Best of luck to everyone!
HEKNUT Vor 4 Tage
Were the winners ever announced?
Sanbo1119 Vor 15 Tage
So who won?
kameron speed
kameron speed Vor Monat
Giveaway over does any one know how he is revealing the winner
Elijah Ardoin
Elijah Ardoin Vor Monat
I don’t have a pc and I really want one😫😫
SkullZ Yt
SkullZ Yt Vor Monat
cheers love the build hope i win amazing stream and the amazing content
ImproperFashion Vor Tag
5:15 You did not just use a hard R there?!!?
Isaac Edginton
Isaac Edginton Vor 4 Tage
the reason why i watch you is because other tech youtubers *whole movie scene for each part* bitwit 1:52 yeah lets start with the cpu
Robin Kim
Robin Kim Vor 5 Tage
yeah.. that last little piggy spittin facts
A B Vor 7 Tage
F-ck I was too late :( watching in jan, Congratz to whoever gets it, That is a sexy beast, plus Bitwit made it so you know you got a deal.
I'm YmOuUmR
I'm YmOuUmR Vor 9 Tage
Give pls
MedoZz Vor 13 Tage
I would die just to do a pc building race against @Bitwit
MedoZz Vor 13 Tage
Bro this man just goes to a shelf and there are like 6 graphics cards in there. Like a 3070. I saw another one TOO. Like I wish I had that. Unfortunately I built my pc with a 2080. About 3 weeks before the 3080 got announced
Wyatt Jones
Wyatt Jones Vor 14 Tage
@Bitwit I have a weird case. It’s a cooler master and the inside of it is different and I can’t figure out how to build it, could I get some help?
Zave Hollier
Zave Hollier Vor 14 Tage
i have a question?, what would be the best 4k rgb gaming pc to build with $2000 aud??
AlphaWolf1-17 Vor 17 Tage
“That’s you, that’s the guy she tells you not to worry about” 😂😂😂
muki _
muki _ Vor 20 Tage
There’s no fans on this radio right now
phantommaggotxxx Vor 21 Tag
it annoyed the shit out of me when he cut the twist ties... smh... lol..
Hirusha Adikari
Hirusha Adikari Vor 21 Tag
Give me tech tips
Tyson H.
Tyson H. Vor 22 Tage
Tells us to open our eyes but proceeds to flash bang us
playingall gamesgodamster
playingall gamesgodamster Vor 23 Tage
too bad, i came late.:(
Tom B
Tom B Vor 25 Tage
Thank you Kyle.
Steven Fong
Steven Fong Vor 25 Tage
No thanks don't need it. 🤚
James Gebhard
James Gebhard Vor 26 Tage
13:01 yo momma
Levi looks like Eren
Levi looks like Eren Vor 27 Tage
Was it just me or did you sound like trump in the first 10 seconds of the video?
Validus Eternal
Validus Eternal Vor 28 Tage
Will the giveaways have the winners picked soon?
Delta Nebula
Delta Nebula Vor 28 Tage
When will the winner be announced? It just shows that the giveaway has ended
Nitish Goel
Nitish Goel Vor 28 Tage
John-Paul Tolczyk
John-Paul Tolczyk Vor 29 Tage
and this little piggy said when can I get 3080 or 3090 kale from you haha haha haha haha haha haha😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅
Scuffedsimon Vor 29 Tage
RIP 3080. Reason for death: overheating because this case has terrible airflow (Better then MSI did though)
Rayn VII
Rayn VII Vor Monat
The puns and remarks were 10/10 in this video. Love you man
Lazarus Lazuli
Lazarus Lazuli Vor Monat
Anyone know who won? 😂
FuzionEnder Vor Monat
@Logan Louez idk
Logan Louez
Logan Louez Vor Monat
@FuzionEnder how do you know who won?
FuzionEnder Vor Monat
Mosotti Vor Monat
Not enough temopaste!!!!
kameron speed
kameron speed Vor Monat
Idk i wondering how he is revealing the winner
Mateusz Szpila
Mateusz Szpila Vor Monat
who win?
Bra1n Vor Monat
Max Eilberg
Max Eilberg Vor Monat
"This is like the opposite of giving birth" omfg I laughed my ass off
Piper Lickteig
Piper Lickteig Vor Monat
I have never won a gleam giveaway, and I hope this changes it
kunox fn
kunox fn Vor Monat
i hope you have adhd so you can have a valid excuse for your weirdness
Aurora Gaming
Aurora Gaming Vor Monat
That's crazy this is close to the build I was wanting to make. XD just missed the stream dang.
ChanceIsAsian Vor Monat
did anything happen when he tells us to actually close our eyes, i actually close my eyes and never know what's happening
Relaxing Nature
Relaxing Nature Vor Monat
Thumbnail: Too much face ..not enough Computer ..giant head looks stupid ..we are here to see computers
Pyro man
Pyro man Vor Monat
"You might win it" Here lies my hopes and dreams
jordayy Vor Monat
Do i need an anti static wristband when replacing a fan or is it recommended. Scared i might destroy my parts
Sxperate Edits
Sxperate Edits Vor Monat
Just don't rub your feet on carpet before touching the cable. And also touch something like your power supply or case before you touch the cable
-Roswell -
-Roswell - Vor Monat
Hey guys i have a question for you. I have a old dell pc that has a I5 2400 chip and i want to upgrade it. Which i7 chip do i buy that would fit the motherboard?
ZushiG Vor Monat
i really enjoy watching ur videos love you man🥺❤️ im from the philippines but i still joined the giveaway so gl to others who also joined outside the US
karthik sridharan
karthik sridharan Vor Monat
will Lyle come see us before this year end
rediris___ Vor Monat
Is the real reason you got another studio, was so that Wifey doesn’t have listen to you talk to yourself 24/7?
Norman P. Aquino
Norman P. Aquino Vor Monat
You should consider extending your prizes to international subscribers with a global PO Box address. Just saying.
Logan Louez
Logan Louez Vor Monat
He did do a 1000$ cash giveaway for international people, it's just that shipping fully made gaming computers across the world is pretty hard, and if it breaks on the way there he has to pay for it I think.
SkullZ Yt
SkullZ Yt Vor Monat
if i win i would literally cry and bawl my eyes out i have an intel celeron n4000 @1.10ghz :( its a laptop
Karsten George
Karsten George Vor Monat
I dont have even a pc or a lap top or a consol I wish I win
Granter Vor Monat
I love my laptop.
I hope i win tbh so i can give my friend a better pc so we can finally play together since he cant even run minecraft or roblox
fahrezi usman
fahrezi usman Vor Monat
I just entered. Even when im not in US, i hope i cans till be picked. I could use the money to upgrade from ddr3 system
Chikago Vor Monat
19:36 Was that a jojo refrence
chris stokley
chris stokley Vor Monat
woohoo my BD 19th ... just send it! :>) 55 yr ...
Sins Vor Monat
4:06 thermal paste
AleutianOG Vor Monat
I hope one day I'll win something. I've been fantasizing about playing siege, tarkov,, and rust on pc for months...
Cad3n YT
Cad3n YT Vor Monat
Hey I was wondering if you had any 3070s I could buy off of you I looked everywhere and I can’t find one I’m building my first pc and have everything but a gpu I will pay 659$ for a card I just realy want to build one on christmas
Nrarcu'oger'hrucao Vor Monat
I entered, then he said 'Only in the US'. I live in England, lmao.
Aiden Vaughn
Aiden Vaughn Vor Monat
Ayyyy gimmie da pc lad
Eddy Tv
Eddy Tv Vor Monat
The odds of me winning are so small but good luck to all spread the love everywhere🤞🏽✌️
Xavier Willams
Xavier Willams Vor Monat
how do you get so many 3080s i just want one ):
Mateusz Szpila
Mateusz Szpila Vor Monat
GUYS if you wanna win this PC u need hope. U need believe in yourself that you can win this. I believe in you and me. Be like Mateusz
Jordan Sinclair
Jordan Sinclair Vor Monat
krisfskyrm Vor Monat
Wow that tower is huge! I love Rog but I’m too poor for the parts they sell lol
thatbxtchliz Vor Monat
8:14 can't believe kyle said the g slur.... im so disappointed.
heavyirontech Vor Monat
get some sleep dude you look tired
Relliksss Vor Monat
I need help I recently bought a dell g5 gaming desktop without any a lot of knowledge about it. I want to upgrade the little ass case to a lian li mesh 2 and the mother board and psu and put some fans on it bcs it only comes with 1 rear fan and 1 fkn cpu fan. I recently found it its a proprietary motherboard and psu i have no clue what tht means but i want to upgrade my case and all those things i said, is it possible? Now im just gonna talk shit bout my pc now. The fkn cooling sucks sooooooooo bad i spent 2000 cad (i7 9700k and 2060 16 gb ram) and it sucks the fan is soooo good damn load its louder than my car and it gets so hot. not to mention the stupid dell support assist thing idk what its called there are so many things wrong with it. I regret buying a pc bcs of this. ik pc gaming is sick but like im just so sad now bcs i spent 2k on a pc and I think I cant even upgrade it after that. PLZ I BEG U SOMEONE HELP ME I FEEL SO MISERABLE RN
Green Gay
Green Gay Vor Monat
Lmao just came from da verge reaction video
Sniperdmh Vor Monat
Me sitting here knowing a good amount about pcs me also not having a pc 😄😢
Sniperdmh Vor Monat
I’m on a older ps4 slim that sounds like a airplane
Sniperdmh Vor Monat
Also it would be crazy if I won lol XD
Khalia King
Khalia King Vor Monat
Thats the most simplest cleanest pc ive ever seen
Khalia King
Khalia King Vor Monat
but im already subbed and followed on all the gleam stuff so how do i know im entered ?
Jitters Vor Monat
6:31 yes you did scare me
alpacaman19 Vor Monat
Wait did someone win yet?
EclippseYT Vor Monat
I like juicy and eggs can I win now
Vince R
Vince R Vor Monat
This is the exact kind of content I subscribed for, just comedic PC builds, maximum nerdiness. Absolute perfection.
Tech Nerd
Tech Nerd Vor Monat
Well, i believe people from other countries ain't that lucky
Jubin kuriakose
Jubin kuriakose Vor Monat
i really need pc because mine cant even run minecraft if i win i will be soo happy
Jubin kuriakose
Jubin kuriakose Vor Monat
pls can i win
NomadRoots TV
NomadRoots TV Vor Monat
Aw man I missed the stream 😔
Kaspariuks Vor Monat
me: I can win normal pc Bitwit: US only me *mad*
Aaron Vang
Aaron Vang Vor Monat
The build is niceeee
Ansilo Alezy
Ansilo Alezy Vor Monat
CptJobeta Vor Monat
Why was I waiting for a montage video 😂
Ahmed Arshad
Ahmed Arshad Vor Monat
kyle: "US only Me: 'aight ima head out
NSBTONY 1 Vor Monat
hopefully if i dont win someone who really wants one gets one =)
Zoned Vor Monat
oAkasha Win
oAkasha Win Vor Monat
"u might wiin" me: sadge nahhhhhh
Michael van Niekerk
Michael van Niekerk Vor Monat
GPU cables should have been grey/black/grey
JM TM Vor Monat
How did I not see this!
lion 32
lion 32 Vor Monat
I want to build a pc but I am afraid of compatibility issues.
djglobol Vor Monat
Tax write off season.
oWinterz Vor Monat
I am still rocking a thinkpad x220
Andie G
Andie G Vor Monat
Need a full version of that Thermal Paste song lol.
EvilFries Vor Monat
I fell in love with the pc when it turned on... glorioussss
Universe198025 Vor Monat
Good day. Some years ago I was surfing through the Internet and incidentally stumbled upon some Russian clip where relatively small private enterprise ( from Novosibirsk as I recall it correctly ) successfully developed a workable and easily applicable system for cooling computer components. I’m talking here about the development of cooling fluid with an extremely low electrical conductivity in which you can safely and fully immerse all your non-mechanical computer component to ultimately achieve an excellent heat dissipation for all components. If I’m not mistaken, they were talking there about the implementation of their invention into the server’s segment of computer industry and not even mentioning the real possibility for simple PC due to its expensiveness or maybe due to the lack of real commercial demand ( and subsequently benefits ) from this segment. Being as far as one could possibly get from advanced chemistry, I’m just wondering whether such cooling technologies have been developed in the USA and successfully adopted in some part of computer industry? As I have already mentioned I don’t quite understand all the scientific complications that should be overcome in order to create such fluid and the cost of such development ( and ultimately even an average cost of such cooling option, if appropriately implemented, for an advanced gamer, over-clocker or a silence adorer ), but from the commonly used computer items all you need is a waterproof case with an inner watertight separate compartment for your mechanical HDD ( or maybe they’re already initially watertight themselves ), external heat sink ( that could be additionally mounted on your water-cool plumbing as to plunge the cooling fluid’s temperature down even more ) and a proper pump that is capable of dealing with such amount of cooling fluid. Excellent solution from my point of view in terms of over-clocking possibilities and substantial noise reduction just by simply elimination of all the hum generators ( fans ) from your PC and concurrently damping the noise from you HDD through the fluid width!!!
EpicTom_564 Vor Monat
Im building a pc this chrismas but cant get a grathics card hope i find one soon
Carrot Juice
Carrot Juice Vor Monat
These are the kinds of giveaways you know you will never win 🙃
GreninjaPlays21 Vor Monat
I now I’m probably not gonna win the pc but I decided why not to try out for the giveaway
sky beacon
sky beacon Vor Monat
Bit wit all you and your wife video are not there
Mark Dyer
Mark Dyer Vor Monat
Not sure if someone else has said it but I have the razer version of this mobo. The bios usb is the type left, they actually outlined it on the razer one.
Joe S
Joe S Vor Monat
I'm looking to build like a $900usd gaming and recording build. Any ideas for the CPU and graphics card????
Snipey Vor Monat
I'm taking that clip out of context ;)
Richard Vor Monat
Is this what my wife sees when I'm building my PC's? 😂😂
Freddy Vor Monat
I need to win this or just the CPU because thanks to Amazon, I no longer have a working PC. After weeks of hunting I finally managed to order a 5800x on Amazon and gave up on the 5900x. I waited over 3 weeks and it was finally supposed to be delivered yesterday, so I started building my new system and started getting rid of my old system. It arrived to a warehouse in my in my city at 4AM then shipped to another warehouse in my city around 12PM. The second warehouse apparently does not deliver to my address so delivery got delayed and I shrugged off cause delays are not uncommon right now. At around 6AM today, someone in the logistics chain decided that the best solution to the logistical error was to CANCEL my order and return it to wherever it came from. By the time I realized this, the cancellation and return process had already begun. Amazon customer service said they could not undo the cancellation and flag my order for delivery to me. This tells me that as soon as my order was cancelled it was routed for fulfillment of another order. I still cannot believe that someone thought the best solution to a shipping mistake was to not even attempt to fix the mistake. The bright side is that someone, probably not too far away from me will get a 5800x sooner than they were expecting because I got screwed. Now I got no PC. I am so frustrated. At least I got $5 Amazon credit for my troubles.
freedov Poteet
freedov Poteet Vor Monat
I'm the OP-OG
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